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Crank Brothers: Egg Beater Pedals With Cleats

Crank Brothers: Egg Beater Pedals With Cleats

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Seller's Description: Crank Brothers Egg Beater Pedals With Cleats [Per 1 Pedal set]
Condition: New in Box.


Do you ever wonder how a product comes to fruition? Why are some products made of carbon and some from aluminum? Or simply why your favorite flat pedals have ten pins?

All of these questions and more are solved by our Research and Development department, tasked with the challenge of constantly improving the riding experience, through our range of products, from shoes and pedals, to wheels and dropper posts, and everything in-between.

We recently sat down with our R&D team, and they answered some of your questions submitted to us on Instagram. Have a question about product, testing, or just about anything Crankbrothers related? Be sure to reach out to us there; we’re always happy to chat! 

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