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49N + AXIOM: Bicycle Tube Set

49N + AXIOM: Bicycle Tube Set

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Product Description:   49N + AXIOM: Bicycle Tube Sets [See Description]
49N 29 x 1.9-2.3 Tube = 1 COPY
49N 26 x 1.0-.21 Tube = 4 COPIES
49N 26 x 2.1-2.4 Tube = 1 COPY
AXIOM 29 x 1.9-2.3 Tube = 6 COPIES


What do you want out of a tube? Quality, a good testing process, and packaging that reflects the product inside.

Quality: 49N tubes are sourced from premiere manufacturers who make the best products on the market. Careful sealing around valves, reinforced seams, and better rubber compounds than competitors mean a better product overall. And possibly the most exciting part- all 49N presta valves feature removable valve cores! You can run sealant in your tubes, replace cores if they get damaged, and run valve extenders for deep-section rims!

Testing: All 49N tubes are test-inflated for 24 hours before packaging. This makes it easy to guarantee every tube is free from defects, and means peace-of-mind when grabbing one for your next adventure.

Packaging: Another point that sets 49N tubes apart is the packaging. The size of the tube is clearly labelled on all major sides of the box, making it easy to identify the size you need in store. Valve type and length are also displayed (with a visual aid to determine desired valve type). And finally…

Every package contains an instruction card for tube installation! Whether you’re unfamiliar with the process, or are lucky enough to have so long without a flat to forget how, but open up your tube’s box and, Voila! simple instructions to make your day a little less complicated.

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