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Anne of Green Gables Collection [FOUR PACK VHS]

Anne of Green Gables Collection [FOUR PACK VHS]

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Sellers Description: Anne of Green Gables Collection [FOUR PACK VHS]
* HYPER RARE * Condition: Tapes Like New - Box in Fair Condition.

Condition: Box Squished But VHS Taped are in Minted Condition.
I'll Clean it up before shipping ... [UPDATE: ITS BEEN CLEANED]

Anne of Green Gables is a 1985 Canadian made-for-television drama film based on the 1908 novel of the same name by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, and is the first in a series of four films. The film stars Megan Follows in the title role of Anne Shirley and was produced and directed by Kevin Sullivan for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It was released theatrically in Iran, Israel, Europe, and Japan.
The film aired on CBC Television as a two-part mini-series on December 1 and December 2, 1985. Both parts of the film were among the highest-rated programs of any genre ever to air on a Canadian television network. On February 17, 1986, the film aired on PBS in the US on the series WonderWorks. The film achieved high ratings in the United Kingdom when it aired on New Year’s Day 1987.[2]

13-year-old orphan Anne Shirley is living in servitude with the cruel Hammond family in Nova Scotia. After Mr. Hammond dies, she is sent back to the orphanage and later learns that she has been adopted by a family in Prince Edward Island. Upon arriving in the small town of Avonlea, she is met at the train station by the elderly Matthew Cuthbert, who is surprised to find her there. Matthew and his sister Marilla had requested a boy to help them on their farm, Green Gables, but Anne was sent by mistake.

Marilla puts Anne "on trial" before deciding whether to keep her or send her back. Shortly thereafter, Anne loses her temper with Marilla's friend and town gossip Rachel Lynde, who criticizes her looks and red hair. She refuses to apologize, preferring to go back to the orphanage, but Matthew convinces her to do so. Rachel accepts the apology and suggests to Marilla that Anne attend a Sunday School picnic so she can meet other children. At the picnic, Anne becomes "bosom" friends with Diana Barry from across the pond. She also meets Gilbert Blythe, who shows an interest in her. At school, Gilbert tries to get her attention by making fun of her red hair and calling her "Carrots", and she angrily smashes a slate over his head. She vows never to forgive him and tries to salvage her wounded pride by dying her hair black, but it instead turns green. After finding out what happened, Marilla decides that Anne will stay at Green Gables.
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