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Bicycle Engineering: [Truing stand alignment Gauge TSAG-3]

Bicycle Engineering: [Truing stand alignment Gauge TSAG-3]

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Seller's Description: Bicycle Engineering Truing stand alignment Gauge Item is used and is sold as seen. Marks from use. Instructions and 2nd Gauge Pin included
Compatible with Park Tool Truing stands See photos for more Item is sold as-is, no returns.  Condition: NEW - IN BOX  Buy Bicycle Parts Here!

Abstract: An apparatus for aligning bicycle wheel truing stands is disclosed having a gauge bar (10), hub pin (20), and gauge pin (30), which combine together to represent those certain parts, or features, or physical manifestations, or characteristics of a perfectly true, perfectly dished bicycle wheel, and being, by virtue of its construction and manufacture, accurate for use in aligning bicycle wheel truing stands.

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