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Bicycle Hubshiners Genuine Leather [Alle Neil NEW + BACKS]

Bicycle Hubshiners Genuine Leather [Alle Neil NEW + BACKS]

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Sellers Description: 15 Hubshiners as in Picture.  Condition: New  
Bicycle Hubshiners Assorted Genuine Leather 
[Alle Neil Products NEW WITH BACK STOCK]  Bicycle Hubshiners Assorted buy

For Keeping Your Hubs Clean. Brand New On Package. Vintage Style.
These specific Genuine Leather Products are Hyper Rare!

Further Information on Hubshiners:

"A Hub shiner sounds like what you call a black eye you get from getting hit by a bike wheel.  or its a euphemism for a non-bike related activity."

"I used to use those on my old 3-speeds. Just a strip of leather, about 1/2-3/4 inch wide, long enough to hang down an inch or so below the hub once folder over the hub. Then take a short bolt and a couple washers to fasten the ends of the leather strip together. The bolt/washers also serve as a bottom weight to keep the strip hanging down instead of whipping around with the hub.

[edit: I wouldn't use really thin garment leather]
[double edit: I never used one on a front hub, don't know what it will do in a turn. Might want to make that one a little shorter. Or you might not need it since you don't have chain lube flying off up there.]" And yeah there is 200 words stop asking and buy this product!

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