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Bicycle Hubshiners [In Trek USA Bin - 34]

Bicycle Hubshiners [In Trek USA Bin - 34]

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Seller's Description: Bicycle Hubshiners [In Trek USA Bin - 34]
Bicycle Hubshiners [In Trek USA Bin-34 Bicycle Hubshiners!]
Condition:  NEW: 34 Bicycle Hubshiners
Regular Hubshiners for keeping your hubs clean! 34 Hubshiners in Count.

What Are Hubshiners?:

"I've seen pink fur. To me hub shiners seem to be a nice way to make a hub stay clean while still looking horribly ugly. Its like putting a bra on your ferarri. Every once in a while I clean my hubs."

Remember these? If you do, then you know your bike is not complete without them (and a hockey card exhaust and handlebar tassels). They do more than add some style to your bicycle however.  They keep steel (and alloy) hubs shiny and free of dirt and rust. When you turn corners they sometimes "ting-ting-ting" off the spokes in a joyful rhythm.  All together they are practical and simply fun to have.

  • 1" wide leather strap
  • Colours: Black or Tan
  • Image: Celtic Knot, Cat, Wine Glass, Fleur de lis, Dragon fly
  • Sizes: Standard: Two 8" long straps; Coaster: One 8" and one 11" strap; 3-Speed: One 8" and one 13" straps
  • Plated steel snap: Tan usually have a bronze or silver snap and black usually have a pewter or silver snap (colours may vary)
  • Protected with a hand polished wax based leather protector; burnished edges
  • Handmade item: Some variation in colour, etc. is expected
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