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Campagnolo 27.2 Aerodynamic Road Seat Post

Campagnolo 27.2 Aerodynamic Road Seat Post

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Seller's Description: Campagnolo 27.2 Aerodynamic Road Seat Post Condition: USED Seat Post Stem.

History of Campagnolo: Campagnolo Super Record was released in 1974 as the successor to Campagnolo’s top tier group set, Nuovo Record. The Super Record group set was in production from 1974 to late 1980’s. During this period, Campagnolo released 4 different versions of the Super Record seat post (or the ‘seat pin’ as it is referred to in their literature).

The first version featured a 2 bolt clamping system whilst the later versions all featured a single bolt clamping system. All seat posts are marked with a minimum insertion LIMIT marking. Campagnolo offered the seat post in no less than 10 different diameters; 25mm, 25.8mm, 26mm, 26.2mm, 26.4mm, 26.6m, 26.8mm, 27mm, 27.2mm & 27.4mm.

Problems with a Single Bolt Clamp Design: Whilst the single bolt clamping system is easy to use, I have experienced problems with the saddle nose dropping down during riding. I found this was due to the saddle clamp slipping on the curved top section of the seat post. Initially I cleaned all the clamping parts (except the bolt threads which need to be greased) and tightened the bolt up firmly, but the saddle nose was still dropping on just one ride.

After searching online, I decided to apply some carbon paste to the underside of the saddle clamp where it contacts the top the seat post. I tightened the seat post clamp bolt to 22Nm. So far this has worked to keep the saddle in position, but I will update this after a few more rides.

A thank you from BooksCardsNBikes.

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