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Centera Sachs: Rear Derailleur [Triple 7-Speed]

Centera Sachs: Rear Derailleur [Triple 7-Speed]

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Seller's Description: Simplex Brevele "CENTRA SACHS" SGDG Front Derailer

Model Information

Model: Centera
Country/Region of Manufacture:  France
Compatible Brand:  Shimano
Material:  Alloy, Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy
Number of Items:  1
Color:  Silver
Part Type:  Rear Derailleur
Compatible Bike Type:  Mountain Bike, Touring Bike, Folding Bike
Mounting Type:  Bolt-On
Derailleur Cage Length:  Long Cage
Item Weight:  10 oz
Brand:  Sachs
Set Includes:  Derailleur (Front), Derailleur (Rear)
Number of Speeds:   7 Speed
Sachs Centera 3speed Internal x 7speed?


I just bought an older mtb frame with a Sachs Centera group..around 96-97
the rear hub is a dual 3speed internal and 7speed cassette, and there are a 3speeed grip shifter running to the rear hub for the internal and 7speed grip shifter for the cassette
the 7shifter works perfect, the internal is flakey.
"sometimes it shifts easy, sometimes it doesn't I know nothing about these hubs... a friend has a set of SRAM MRX 3x7 speed grip shifters will these work as a replacement? and any ideas why the 3speed not working properly..oil or adjustment maybe?? a I was just thinking to start with the new shifters first and go from there I would rather not put in extra money to buy new hub/shifters and try to use what is on there thanks all...."

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