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Exo Squad: Blitzkrieg + Pirate Scourge [VHS]

Exo Squad: Blitzkrieg + Pirate Scourge [VHS]

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Seller's Description:    Exo Squad: Fall of the Human Empire:  Tapes in Good Condition.

About Blitzkrieg + Pirate Scourge [Exo Squad VHS]

A Pirate Clan raid led by Simbacca, which results in lives lost, finally prompts the Homeworlds Congress to do something about the Pirate threat. A task force, consisting of most of the Exofleet, is assembled with its mission set as the destruction of Pirate bases on the moons of Saturn. The fleet sets course but is intercepted by the Pirates, who spring a trap on them.

Exofleet cancels the attack on Tethys and sets course for the Homeworlds at full speed. Captain Marcus, in charge of the fleet, makes the decision that the faster Exocarriers should return as quickly as possible, resulting in half of Exofleet's firepower being left behind. Marsh considers this decision to be suicidal, and tells the rest of the bridge crew to ignore Marcus' order. However, Marcus is obeyed and during the journey to the Homeworlds, Marsh is charged with mutiny, found guilty, and sentenced to be executed. The ExoCarriers engage the Neosapien Fleet, commanded by Phaeton aboard the Neosapien flagship, The Olympus Mons.

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