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Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture (VHS, 1995)

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture (VHS, 1995)

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Seller's Description:  Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture (VHS, 1995)
Condition: Clamshell Perfect - Tapes Perfect. Dubbed.

About VHS Movie Fatal Fury

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture (Japanese餓狼伝説 THE MOTION PICTUREHepburnGarō Densetsu: The Motion Picture) is a 1994 Japanese animated feature film based on the SNK video game series Fatal Fury originally released in Japan on July 16, 1994. Discotek Media released a Blu-ray version on July 25, 2017. It was directed by character designer Masami Ōbari and follows the same continuity as the preceding two TV specials, Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf and Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle but this movie shifts from arcade canon to an all-new storyline centering on original characters, although many of the characters from the first two Fatal Fury specials make extensive cameo appearances through the film.

The original ending theme in Japanese is "Yoake no Legend" ("Dawn of a Legend") by Kazukiyo Nishikiori of Shonentai. For the North American film release, the song was given the title "Oh Angel", and re-recorded with English lyrics by Canadian singer Warren Stanyer.

While exploring a cave in Egypt, Cheng Sinzan discovers a leg armor plate said to be one of six pieces of the Armor of Mars, only to be defeated by Laocorn Gaudeamus and his three henchmen – Panni (who has pink hair and wears red armor), Hauer (who has white hair and wears white armor, as well as the golden mask on his face), and Jamin – before Laocorn attaches the part to his body and destroys the cave. In Japan, Joe Higashi defeats Muay-Thai champion Hwa Jai and reunites with his friends Terry and Andy Bogard, as well as Mai Shiranui.

While being chased by a masked assailant, Sulia Gaudeamus - Laocorn's younger twin sister - befriends Terry. After Big Bear is knocked unconscious by the assailant, Kim Kaphwan defeats him, exposing the assailant as Cheng. Sulia reveals that she has searched for Terry since his battle with Wolfgang Krauser. Sulia, Terry, Andy, Mai, and Joe travel to Rhodes, where Sulia reveals that she is a descendant of Gaudeamus, a powerful warrior whose armor drew fear among Alexander the Great.

Alexander's generals killed Gaudeamus, but the armor gained life after his death and reincarnated himself as Mars before destroying a city; it was eventually defeated by four warriors. To prevent Mars from destroying cities again, the armor was broken up and hidden in different locations. On the island, the five discover a series of cave paintings that indicate martial arts moves such as Tung Fu Rue's Hurricane Punch and Krauser's Blitz Ball were influenced by Gaudeamus. Sulia reveals that she possesses healing powers due to her heritage and shares a mental bond with Laocorn. After Sulia discovers the locations of two of the three remaining armor pieces, the group divides into two subgroups in an attempt to find them.

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