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Girvin Flexstem Two Parts [Spring Kit+Stem]

Girvin Flexstem Two Parts [Spring Kit+Stem]

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Sellers Description:  Girvin Flexstem Two Parts [Spring Kit+Stem]
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Girvin Flexstem Two Parts [Spring Kit+Stem]:

The Girvin Flexstem is one of just a few stem positioned suspension devices used on mountain bikes. The extension and the quill are securely, bolted together in a way that permits the extension, binder and handlebar to swivel, with a thick, hard, rubber-like elastomer bushing, (spring), between them to act as a shock dampener. The elastomer bushing, (spring) is made in three densities, so you can adjust the amount of shock transmitted to your hands based on your, weight, riding style, and terrain.

The Flexstem is designed in the United States, with the major sub-assemblies manufactured in Taiwan, by the well known stem maker Hsin Lung, who also makes stems and handlebar extensions under many well known brand names, including their own Zoom brand. (In truth, most of the stems we've written about that have "extruded aluminum wedges, with light machine work" are in fact made by Hsin Lung, which other stem makers buy from HL and use as their own.) The major sub-assemblies are shipped to Rhode Island, where the final assembly and packaging of the component parts is performed. The quill assembly is made in Taiwan, of aluminum, and that's where the "Aluminum" in the name comes from (a heavier, Cro-moly one is available).

It is made of two parts, a 4mm thick aluminum tube with an extruded, then machined aluminum head piece. The extrusion is cut, milled and drilled with a Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) lathe/miller to create the finished shape of the head. The head is press fit on to the quill with an epoxy bonding, so they are securely joined. The head and tube are then drilled and tapped for the threads of the bolt for the brake cable hanger. This bolt passes through both pieces, so separation failure could only occur if this bolt happened to shear cleanly at exactly the point where the aluminum pieces overlap.

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