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Record Quality:
Mint Condition: [Sealed, Never Played] 
Good / Great / Excellent [Not Sealed, Minor - Fairly Minor, Very limited Play]
Practically flawless - THIS HAS ITS RANGES ... ] In Short: Sellable
Fair / Negligible Condition [Heavy Play ... Clearly Damaged]
In Short: Probably Not Sellable
78 RPMS SINGLES: 143 + 93 DISKS = 236 TOTAL

- APOLLO R1269 [Dark Avenue]:
- ACE TRADEMARK 351006-A+B [Its the Girl]:
- BLUEBIRD 6469-A+B [My Blue Heaven]:
- BLUEBIRD 10370-A+B [Easy to Get]:
- BLUEBIRD 10682-A+B [Dinah Fox Trot]:
- BLUEBIRD 10555-A+B [Glad Rag + Rosetta]:
- BLUEBIRD 10532-A+B [Relaxin at the Touro]:
- BLUEBIRD 10506-A+B [Sister Kate]:
- BLUEBIRD 10099-A+B [Star Dust, Keepin out of Mischief]:
- BLUEBIRD 10386-A+B [China Boy]:
- BLUEBIRD 11056-A+B [It Had to Be You]:
- BLUEBIRD 6343-A+B [You Never Looked So Beautiful]:
- BRUNSWICK 80004-A+B [China Boy]:
- BRUNSWICK 80005-A+B [Shim Me Sha Wabble]:
- BRUNSWICK 80006-A+B [Indiana, Dinah]:
- BRUNSWICK M6169 [Star Dust, Dancing In Dark]:
- BRUNSWICK M4653 [Cloudy, Casey Jones]:
- BRUNSWICK M7989 [The New East St. Louis]:
- BRUNSWICK B19564 7752 [Trumpet in Spades]:
- BRUNSWICK B19669 7735 [Sugar Foot Stomp]:
- COMMODORE 520A+B [Lion and Lamb]:
- COMMODORE 501A+B [Theres no Crowd]:
- COMMODORE 543A+B [When Did Heaven]:
- COMMODORE 500A+B [Windy City]:
- COLUMBIA 3026-D [The Night is Blue]:
- COLUMBIA 2588-D [Jazz me Blues]:
- COLUMBIA 715-C [Mission to Moscow]:
- COLUMBIA 732-C [Celery Stalks at Midnight]:
- COLUMBIA 1408-C [Fools Paradise]:
- COLUMBIA 1296-C [My One and Only Highland]:
- COLUMBIA 1671-C [My Heart Cries for You]:
- COLUMBIA C6323 A52-3 [Somebody Else is Taking My place]:
- COLUMBIA C6322 A52-1 [Let's Dance]:
- COLUMBIA C6224 [Paradise]:
- COLUMBIA C8039 [Sweet Lorraine]:
- COLUMBIA C6324 [Jersey Bounce]:
- COLUMBIA C6228 A31-7 [Shine]:
- COLUMBIA C6227 A31-5 [Just one of those Things]:
- COLUMBIA C6226 A31-6 [She's Funny that Way]:
- COLUMBIA 9623 AX4497 [A Hunting Medley]: 
- COLUMBIA 9425 AX2942 [Scottish Medley]:
- DEGREE 3401A [Why do you Have, Baby and Me]:
- EDISON ORG. FS-889A [Edison Originals]
- MASTER MA125 [Stardust]: 
- MASTER 8511-A [Prelude in G Minor]:
- MERCURY MGC-116 A [The Astaire Blues+Oscar Peterson]:
- MELOTONE M12189 [Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams]:
- M.M.S. Music In YOUR HOME [2LP SET-Mozart, Dukas]:
- M.M.S. MMS-37 [Mozart Clarinet Quintet K.581]:
- PARLOPHONE R2257 [Squeeze Me]:
- REMINGTON RLP-1022-A [Lilly Miki Piano Favorites]:
- RCA VICTOR 20-2406-A+B [King Porter]:
- RCA VICTOR 20-2880-A+B [Turkish Delight]:
- RCA VICTOR 20-1537-A+B [Now We Know]:
- RCA VICTOR 20-1556-A+B [Johnny Come Lately]:
- RCA VICTOR 41-0013-A+B [So this is Love]:
- RCA VICTOR A. 1884 M452 [Quintet For Clarinet]:
- RCA VICTOR B.8420 [Swinging Em DOWN]:
- RCA VICTOR B.4270 [On Hearing the First Cuckoo]:
- RCA VICTOR B.9171 [Across the Track, Chloe]:
- RCA VICTOR 25081-A+B [Get Rhythm in your Feet]:
- RCA VICTOR 26796-A+B [Flaming Sword, Warm Valley]:
- RCA VICTOR 26090-A+B [I must have that]:
- RCA VICTOR 22848-A+B [Dancing in the Dark]:
- RCA VICTOR 25529-A+B [Tea for Two]:
- RCA VICTOR 21214-A+B [Lonely Melody, Ramona]:
- RCA VICTOR 25290-A+B [I know that you Know]:
- RCA VICTOR 27502-A+B [Giddybug Gallop, Bakiff]:
- RCA VICTOR 25494-A+B [Georgia on My Mind]:
- RCA VICTOR 25481-A+B [Whispering + Tiger Rag]:
- RCA VICTOR 25539-A+B [Mendelssohn Spring]:
- RCA VICTOR 25320-A+B [Star Dust]:
- RCA VICTOR 25355-A+B [Swingtime in the Rockies]:
- RCA VICTOR 25345-A+B [More Than you Know]:
- RCA VICTOR 22656-A+B [Star Dust]:
- RCA VICTOR 25467-A+B [Bugle Call Rag]:
- RCA VICTOR 25467-A+B [Bugle Call Rag-Scratched Label]:
- RCA VICTOR 25531-A+B [Song of the Swamp]:
- RCA VICTOR 25510-A+B [I Want to Be Happy]:
- RCA VICTOR 25621-A+B [Can't we be friends?]:
- RCA VICTOR 25657-A+B [Night and Day]:
- RCA VICTOR 26107-A+B [Smoke House]:
- RCA VICTOR 22700-A+B [Clementine]:
- RCA VICTOR 25370-A+B [Changes]:
- RCA VICTOR 25644-A+B [Aviation, The Man I love]:
- RCA VICTOR 21941-A+B [Louise-Fox Trot]:
- RCA VICTOR 26240-A+B [Opus 3/4, Sugar]:
- RCA VICTOR 26610-A+B [Never No Lament]:
- RCA VICTOR 27740-A+B [What Good Would It Do]:
- RCA VICTOR 25215-A+B [Sandman, Goodbye]:
- RCA VICTOR 27856-A+B [C Jam Blues]:
- RCA VICTOR 27853-A+B [Holiday for Strings]:
- RCA VICTOR 25075-A+B [Milkman, Very Good Friend]:
- RCA VICTOR 25473-A+B [Sweet Sue]:
- RCA VICTOR 25411-A+B [St. Louis Blues, Clarinet Marmalade]:
- RCA VICTOR 25387-A+B [Pick yourself Up, Down South]:
- RCA VICTOR 25592-A+B [On the Sunny Side of the St]:
- RCA VICTOR 25822-A+B [Dizzy Spells]:
- RCA VICTOR 25461-A+B [Goodnight My Love]:
- RCA VICTOR 25676-A+B [Josephine]:
- RCA VICTOR 25406-A+B [Love ME Leave, Exactly Like You]:
- RCA VICTOR 26088-A+B [Make Believe]:
- RCA VICTOR 26719-A+B [My Greatest Mistake]:
- RCA VICTOR 26091-A+B [Opus 1/2, Sweet Georgia Brown]:
- RCA VICTOR 26021-A+B [When I Go Dreamin]:
- RCA VICTOR 26219-A+B [Crazy Rhythm]:
- RCA VICTOR 26644-A+B [Portrait of Bert]:
- RCA VICTOR 27247-A+B [All Too Soon]:
- RCA VICTOR 27880-A+B [Peridido, Raincheck]:
- DECCA REC 67061-Al21 [Like Sister Kate]:
- DECCA REC 66074-18040 [Friars Point Shuffle]:
- DECCA REC 66072-18041 [There'll be Some]:
- DECCA REC 18065-67477 [Sensation, Oh Baby]:
- DECCA REC 67393-18067 [Susie, Bud Freeman]:
- DECCA REC 60191-18112 [The Buzzard, Tillies Downtown]:
- DECCA REC 67394-18064 [Big Boy, Copenhagen]:
- DECCA REC 67059-18045 [I've Found a New Baby]:
- DECCA REC 67392-18066 [Tia Juana, I Need Pettin]:
- DECCA REC 986A [Shades of Hades]:
- DECCA REC 500A+B [Streamline Strut]:
- DECCA REC 600A+B [Just Strolling]:
- DECCA REC 624A+B [Mellow as a Cello]:
- DECCA REC 155A+B [Moonglow]:
- DECCA REC 306A+B [Beautiful Love]:
- DECCA REC 2849A+B [As long as I live]:
- DECCA REC 3884A+B [Lady Be Good]:
- DECCA REC 1157A+B [Rebound]:
- DECCA REC 1672A+B [Nutty Nursery]:
- DECCA REC 2374A+B [Stardust, Deep Purple]:
- DECCA REC 23431A+B [My one and Only, Lady Be Good!]:
- DECCA REC 27209A+B [Dream a little, Can Anyone Explain]:
- DECCA REC 24550A+B [I've got our love]:
- ROYAL ROOST RLP412 [Bud Powell Trio]:
- SITTIN IN W/ CHARLIE [If I had you/Euphoria]:
- DIAL REC 1017-A+B [The Chase]:
- LIB REC L-281 [Lee Wiley My one and Only]:
- LIB REC L-282 [Lee Wiley Someone to Watch Over Me]:
- LIB REC L-283 [S Wonderful, Lee Wiley]:
- MUSIC BOX 76246A [Baby's Awake Now]:
- MUSIC BOX 76247A [Miss Lee Wiley]:
- MUSIC BOX 76265A [As Though you Were There]:
- VOGUE MICRO LD015 [Bechet-Luter Favorites]:
- WALLIS ORG 100-2 [Gimme/ A long Long]:
- "X" X-0137 [Hard to Get]:


- Walt Disney Lady and the Tramp [Disk 1 and Disk 2 Full Set]:
- Grace Fields Souvenir Album: [Disk 1, 2, 3, 4 Full Set Decca]:
- Strauss Waltzes Album: [Disk 1, 2, 3, [Miss Disk 4 - MAY BE IN PILE ABOVE! Columbia]:
- Guy Lombaro + Royal Canadians Silver Jubilee: [Disk 1, 2, 3, 4 Full Set Decca Records]:
- Bing Crosby St. Patricks Day: [Disk 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Full Set Decca Records]:
- Gilbert & Sullivan: The Mikado [A Victor Musical Masterpiece 11 Disks 1 Missing]:
- Living Shakespeare Box 1 + 2 RPM:
- Benny Goodman Sextet Session: 
- Benny Goodman Sextet Columbia Records:
- Al Jolson Souvenir Album: 
- Smoke Rings Eight Sweet Melodies Album:
- Stephen Foster Bing Crosby: 
- Who's There? It's the Happy Gang: [1 Disc Missing]

- Ruth Wallis Rhumba Party: 
[Capitol - My Little Boy 15180]
[Decca - Music Goes Round and Round 671]
[Decca - Beer Barrel Polka 2162]

- St. Louis Woman Original Broadway Cast:
[De Luxe - Everybody wants a little Peace - DM 30118A+B]
[Capitol - Yingle Bells - C-176]
[Decca - Thirteen Women - 29124-A+B]
[Decca - Twas the Night before Christmas - 23642-A+B]
[Columbia - Music Makers - C730]

- Special Records Music Binder [Front Cover Missing]:
[Columbia - Moments to Remember - 40539 3:10]
[Epic - Start Movin - 9216]
[Capitol - Weep They Will - 3290]
[Decca - Shaner Maidel - 29532-A+B]
[Decca - Around the World - 30262]
[Columbia - Constantinople - 1402-D]
[RCA VICTOR - I Want You I Need You - 20-6540]
[Emerson - Come back to Erin - 736]
[King Record - C1594]
[King Record - C1300]
[Decca - Ten Days with Baby - 10200-A+B]
[RCA VICTOR - Narcissus - B.D. 743]
[Decca - Inka Dinka Doo - 23351-A+B]

Special Records Brown Binder: 
[Decca - Amapola - 10325-A+B]
[Columbia - My Dream is Yours - C1222]
[Parlophone- Miss Mcleods Reel - F3250]
[Columbia - You'll Never Know - C863]
[Mercury - After You've Gone - 5596]
[Columbia - You Made Me Love You - c6208]
[RCA VICTOR - Drink to Me only With Thine Eyes - 24001-A+B]
[RCA VICTOR - Fireman's Reel - 216570-A+B]
[Hambourg Recording Studios - ???]
[Columbia - Kentucky Babe - 978-D]
[Columbia - Dear, Oh Dear - 351-D]
[Columbia - Hello Montreal - 1346-D]

Special Records Red Binder:
[Decca - Of this I'm Sure - 29725-A+B]
[RCA VICTOR - My Hearts Delight - 20-6009-A+B]
[Columbia - Parade of Broken Hearts - 40435]
[RCA VICTOR - Round and Round - 20-6815]
[Columbia - Rain Rain Rain - 40295]
[Apex - Only if you Praise the Lord - 76100]
[Decca - You Can't Run away from it - 30041]
[Mercury - Why do Fools fall in Love - 707390]
[Mercury - The Little Shoemaker - 70403]
[RCA VICTOR - Venezuela - 206735]
[Columbia - You Keep Comin Back Like a Song - C8014]
[Columbia - And So to Bed - C8026]

- Special Records Binder [Front Missing]
[BELL NOVELTY REC 390A Yiddish Radio Broadcast]
[King Record - C1242]
[Banner Records - Partners - B-2048 - A230]
[Gala - Ida, The Wayward Sturgeon - 100 B]
[Gala - Columbus + Isabella - 197B]
[RCA VICTOR - Avaion - 216204A+B]
[Columbia - The Broken Melody - 1931A+B]
[Bluebird - Uncle Mac Nursery Rhymes - B-518-A+B]
[Gala - Two Horses and Debutante - 99A+B]
[Columbia - Sample Record - Ted Lewis Medley - 1S - 81218]
[Brunswick - Haunting Melody - 2754A+B]
[Columbia - Medley of Christmas Carols - A1076]

- Special Records Binder [Front + Back Missing Green Crayon]
[DECCA - Velvet Lips - 27393-A+B]
[Columbia - This Day - 40850, CO 55940, 2-57]
[DECCA - I Had a Hat - 24610-A+B]
[RCA VICTOR - Medley of Jigs + Hornpipes - 216011A+B]
[RCA VICTOR - Oklahoma - 10-1142-A+B]
[DECCA - December - 24767-A+B]
[DECCA - Schenk Mir Dein Herz - 23041-A+B]
[STARR Gennett - Because - 9197-A+B]

- Special Records Binder [Front Missing Green Back Cover]
[APEX - First Anniversary - 76416-A+B]
[RCA VICTOR - I got it Bad - 20-1560-A+B]
[DECCA - All of a Sudden - 23348A+B]
[DECCA - The Rose of Tralee - 23788A+B]
[Columbia - Wine Women and Song - C6087]
[Reo - I'll Never Change - 8354-S2]
[Sparton - You Need Love, Stagger Lee - 679R]

Special Records Binder [Brown Gold Stripe Dotted Cover]
[DECCA - Blue Hawaii - 1175A+B]
[DECCA - Baby won't You Please Come Home - 23636-A+B]
[RCA VICTOR - Blue Danube - 26512-A+B]
[DECCA - I love you - 10168-A+B]
[RCA VICTOR - Believe Me, Youn Charms - 27756A+B P11-8] 
[RCA VICTOR Grand Prize - The Fioly City, The Palms - 16408-A+B]
RCA SelectaVision VIDEO DISCS + CD Disks: [18]
United Artists: Ian Fleming's Dr. No [Fair Condition]
MGM UA: For Your Eyes Only Part 1 [Good Condition]
United Artists: The Man with the Golden Gun [Good Condition]
United Artists: The Spy Who Loved Me [Good Condition]
United Artists: Out of the Past [Good Condition]
United Artists: Love and Death [Good Condition]
United Artists: The Great Gatsby Part 1 [Good Condition]
United Artists: Blue Thunder [Good Condition]
United Artists: Heaven Can Wait [Mint Condition]
CBS Fox: Beauty and the Beast [Fair Condition]
CBS / MGM: Great Figures in the History of John F. Kennedy [Fair Condition]
United Artists: Sleeper Woody Allen [Good Condition]
Vestron Video: The Final Terror [Good Condition]
United Artists: The Pink Panther [Fair Condition]
20th Century: Young Frankenstein [Good Condition]
20th Century: The Man with the Golden Arm [Good Condition]
Walt Disney: The Love Bug [Good Condition]
Paramount: Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark [Good Condition]

Michael Flanders: At Drop of a Hat - Original Cast [Angel Stereo - Great Condition] X2
George Gershwins: OH, KAY! [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
David Merrick: Roar of the Greasepaint - Smell of Crowd Original Broadway Cast Recording [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
DR. Buzzards Original: Savannah Band [RCA Records - Good Condition]'
Climax Seventy Nine: The Climax Jazz Band [Climax Music LTD - Good Condition]
Swingin' Buddy Cole: Hot and Cole [Warner Brothers Records - Fair Condition]
Dragnet: Los Angeles Police 714 [Chrysalis Records - Good Condition]
Hiding Out: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Mint Condition]
Cry Freedom: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Great Condition]
Glen Gray: Sounds of Great Bands + Casa Loma Orchestra [Cap - Great Condition] X2
Gley Gray: Sounds of the Great Casa Loma Band [Capitol Records - Mint condition]
Robert Goulet: Always You [Columbia Records - Great Condition]
The Hits of Benny Goodman: The Star Line [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Jackie Gleason: Music to Make you Misty [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Jackie Gleason : The Torch with the Blue Flame [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Errol Garner: Concert by the Sea [Columbia Records - Great Condition]
Errol Garner: Concert by the Sea [Philips Records - Fair Condition]
Judy Garland: Over the Rainbow [Capitol Records - Great Condition]
Judy Garland: Live at the London Palladium [Capitol Records 1973 - Great Condition]
David Foster [Atlantic Records - Great Condition]
Eddie Fisher: Games that Lovers Play [RCA Victor Records - Good Condition]
Rick Springfield: Hard to Hold [RCA Universal - Good Condition]
Golden Age of Hollywood Musical: OST 42nd Street [U.A. Records - Great Condition]
Mary Martin: South Pacific [Columbia Masterworks - Good Condition]
John Mcormack: Sing Irish Songs+Trad Melody 5 Set [M. Hill Records - Great Condition]
Tea and Symphony: IMC Senior Division [Unsigned 1972 - Fair to Negligible Condition]
Rick Wakeman: Journey to the Centre of the Earth [AM Records - Good Condition]
Portia Nelson: On Your Toes [Columbia Records 1973 - Good Condition]
Gladys Knight: Miami Vice II [MCA Records 1986 - Good Condition]
David Hall: Childs Introduction to the Symphony [AA Records - Good Condition]
Moira Shearer: Childs Introduction to Ballet [Wonderland Records - Good Condition]
Kostelanetz: The Sleeping Beauty Ballet [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Camarata Orchestra: The Magic of Borodin [London Records 1967 - Great Condition]
Yehudi Menuhin: Fascinating Rhythm Album II [Angel Records EMI 1975 - Fair Condition]
Ken Griffin: 67 Melody Lane [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Grieg: Peer Gynt Suites Op46 and Op55 [Heliodor Records - Good Condition]
Richard Strauss: Greatest Hits [RCA Red Seal Records - Good Condition]
Victor Borge: Comedy in Music [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Goon Show: Classics Volume 3 [BBC Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Paul Rodriguez: Paul Rodriguez [CBS Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Andrew Lloyd Webber: Song & Dance [Polydor Records 1982 - Great Condition]
Marvin Hamlisch: The Way We Were [Columbia Records 1974 - Great Condition]
Stewart Copeland: Rumble Fish [AM Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Lanny Ross: My Fair Lady [Masterseal Records 1957 - Good Condition]
John Barry: Out of Africa [MCA Records 1985 - Good Condition]
Shirley MacLaine: Sweet Charity [Decca Records - Good Condition]
Living Voices: The Singing Nun [RCA Camden Records - Good Condition]
Harry Simone Chorale: Broadways Best Shows [Mercury Records 1963 - Great Condition]
John Barry: Midnight Cowboy [United Artists Records - Good Condition]
Frederick Loewe: Camelot [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Expose 67: The NHL Paliament Strikes [Arc Sound Records - Fair Condition]
Rusty Rides Again [Jubilee Records - Good Condition]
Orson Welles: The Begatting of the President [Media Arts Records - Good Condition]
Mike Nichols: Improvisations to Music [Mercury Records - Good Condition]
Jonathan Winters: Whistle Stopping [Verve Records - Good Condition]
Kermit Schafer: Blooperama [unsigned - Good Condition]
Goon Shows: The Best of [Parlophone Records - Good Condition]
Charlie Farquharson: Pree-histerical Canada [Audat Records - Good Condition]
Jose Jimenez: The Astronaut [Kapp Records - Good Condition]
Rusty Warren: Knockers Up! [Jubilee Records - Good Condition]
Rusty Warren: Songs for Sinners [Jubilee Records - Great Condition]
Rusty Warren: Banned in Boston [Jubilee Records - Good Condition]
Rusty Warren: Sin-Sational [Jubilee Records - Mint Condition + Great Condition] X2
Rusty Warren: Bounces Back [Jubilee Records - Great Condition]
Rusty Warren: In Orbit [Jubilee Records - Great Condition]
Hugh Robertson: Glasgow Orpheus Choir [Capitol Records - Great Condition]
Elizabeth Schwarzkopf: Mozart K165 [Seraphim Records - Good Condition]
David Willcocks: The World of Kings [Argo Records - Good Condition]
Georg Telemann: Johann Sebastian Bach [Nonesuch Records - Good Condition]
Bells & Brass: Bells & Brass 2 Disc [Unsigned - Good Condition]
JS Bach: Cantate BWV 76 [Erato Records - Great Condition]
E Power Biggs: Historic Organs of Spain [Columbia Records - Fair Condition]
Kathleen Ferrier: Unreleased Performances [Arabesque Recordings - Great Condition]
Moe Koffman: Master Session [GRT Records - Good Condition]
Guy Lombardo: New Years Eve [Decca Records - Good Condition]
Hugo and Luigi Chorus: Cascading Voices [RCA Victor Dynagroove - Good Condition]
Hyman / Dick Wellstood: Stride Monster [Unisson Records - Great Condition]
Herb Alpert: Alperts Ninth [AM Records - Good Condition]
Herb Alpert: SRO and Tijuana Brass [AM Records - Great Condition]
Eddie Maynard: Marching Songs [Spin Rama Records - Good Condition]
Herbie Mann: Sound of Mann [Verve Records - Fair Condition]
Henry Mancini: The Sound of [RCA Victor Records - Fair Condition]
Henry Mancini: Dear Heart [RCA Victor Records - Good Condition]
John Raitt: The Pajama Game [Columbia Records - Great Condition]
Peter Nero: The Screen Scene [RCA Victor Records 1966 - Fair Condition]
Earl Wilson: Let My People Come [Green Menu Records 1974 - Good Condition]
Bruce Prince Joseph: Anything Goes [RCA Camden Records - Good Condition]
Glenn Gould: Beethoven Sonata's [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
St. Elmos Fire: Original Motion Picture [Atlantic Recording 1985 - Great Condition] X2
Love Story: Original Motion Picture [Paramount Records - Good Condition]
Norbert Kraft: Fandango [Fanfare Records 1984 - Great Condition]
Anthony Newley: Stop the World [London Records - Good Condition]
Rob Liddell: Tears [Berandol Records - Mint Condition]
Doctor Zhivago: Original Soundtrack [MGM Records - Good Condition]
Robert Stolz: Das Schonste Von Disc [Ariola Records - Great Condition]
Reginald Dixon: Organ Memories 4 Disc [Dynagroove Sound - Fair Condition]
2001 Space Odyssey: Music Motion Picture Soundtrack [MGM Rec - Good Condition]
Dietrich Buxtehude: German Baroque Music [Archive Production - Fair Condition]
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards: Farwell to the Greys [RCA Victor - Fair Condition]
Never on Sunday: Original Soundtrack [United Artists Records - Great Condition]
Harlow: Original Soundtrack [Electronovision Warner Bros Records - Mint Condition]
Herman Levin: Gentlemen Prefer BLondes [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
John Barry: Somewhere in Time Orig Soundtrack [MCA Records 1990 - Good Condition]
David Willcocks Choir Kings College: World of Christmas [London Rec. 1970 - G. Cnd]
Roger Doucet: Chants Gloriux Songs of Glory [Kalligraphia Records - Good Condition]
Noel Coward: Bitter Sweet [EMI Records ODEON - Good Condition]
The Spitfire Band: The Spitfire Band [RCA Records - Great Condition] X2
The Spitfire Band: Flight II [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Soiree Quebecoise: Du Temps Des Fetes 2 Disc [Unsigned - Good Condition]
Liona Boyd: Miniatures for Guitar [Boot Records - Fair Condition]
Juliette: Juliettes Christmas World [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
The Keefe Sisters: Our Heritage+Other Things [Ahed Caribou Records - Good Condition]
Catherine McKinnon: Christmas Album [Arc Sound - Good Condition]
ye Merrie Gentlemen: The Hart House Glee Club [Arc Sound - Good Condition]
The Mom and Dads: Dance With [MCA Records - Good Condition]
The Mom and Dads: Again! [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Metropolitan Police Male Chorus: A New Beat [Unsigned - Good Condition]
Canada: Radio Canada International [Unsigned - Good Condition]
Robert Preston: Music Man Original Broadway Cast [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Samuel Goldwyn: Porgy+Bess Original Soundtrack [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Take 3: Film Classics [RCA Red Seal - Good Condition]
Michael Stewart: I love My Wife [Atlantic Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Black Rain: Original Motion Picture [Paramount Records 1989 - Great Condition]
Hanna + Her Sisters: Original Motion Picture [MCA Records 1987 - Great Condition]
Flashdance: Original Motion Picture [Polygram Records 1983 - Great Condition]
Moscow on Hudson: Original Motion Picture [Columbia Pictures 1984 - Good Condition]
Toulouse Chamber Orchestra: V By Vivaldi [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Poulenc + Simon Preston: Concerto for Organ [Angel EMI Records - Good Condition]
Enoch Light: Magnificent Movie Themes [Command Records - Good Condition]
Victor Schultz: Violinist [CBS Records, RCA Aquatine Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Wilhelm Backhaus: Beethoven Pino Concerto No.4 [London Records - Great Condition]
Albinoni: Berliner Pilharmoniker Pachelbel Canon [Deustche Gramm. - Great Condition]
Helma Elsner: Bach Concerto For Harpsichord, Flute [Vox Recordings - Fair Condition]
Rodgers+Hammerstein: Sound of Music Orig Soundtrack [RCA - Good Condition] X2
The Big Chill: Original Motion Picture [Columbia Pictures 1983 - Great Condition]
Paul Simon: Graduate Original Motion Picture [Columbia Records - Good Condition] X2
Michael Crawford: The Phantom Unmasked [Quality Records - Great Condition]
Ten Great Canadian Opera Stars [London Records - Good Condition]
Pete Townshend: The Secret Policeman's Ball [Island Records - Good Condition]
Dylan Thomas: Reading Vol.1 [Caedmon Records 1958 - Good Condition] X2
White Nights: Original Motion Picture [Atlantic Records 1985 - Good Condition]
Murray Head: One Night in Bangkok [Three Knights Records - Great Condition]
Murray Head: Chess 2 Disc [Three Knights Records - Great Condition]
Harry Hershfield: Jester - Stories that Made Presidents Laugh [Jubilee Records - G. Cond]
Firesign Theatre: Don't Crush Dwarf, Hand me Pliers [Columbia Records 1970 - Gt. Cond.]
Earle Dolid: Ronald Reagan Slept Here [Impossible Miracle 1987 - Good Condition]
Rich Little: My Fellow Canadians [Capitol Records - Fair Condition]
Charles Chaplin: Countess from Hong Kong Orig. Soundtrack [Decca - Good Condition]
Dave Brubeck Quartet: Dave Digs Disney [Columbia Records - Great Condition]
Elaine May + Mike Nichols: An Evening With [Mercury Records - Good Condition]
Bill Cosby: Those of you with/without children you'll understand [Geffen Rec. - Gd Cond]
Franco Zeffirelli: Romeo Juliet Original Soundtrack [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Glenn Gould: The Silver Jubilee Album 2 Disc [Imported - Mint Condition]
Glenn Gould: The Little Bach Book [CBS Records - Great Condition]
Stephen Sondheim: A Funny thing Happened way to Forum [Capitol Records - Gd Cond]
My Fair Lady: Die Deutsche Ideallbesetxung [Polydor Records - Fair Condition]
Meredith Wilson: Unsinkable Molly Brown Og Broadway Cast [Cap Rec 1960 - Gt Cond]
Meredith Wilson: The Music Man [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Shaw Chorale: The Worlds Favourite Choruses [RCA Red Seal Records - Fair Condition]
Mormon Tabernacle Choir: A Mighty Fortress [Col Press Records - Good Condition]
German Arour Chorus: More German Arour Chorus [London Records - Good Condition]
Kings College Chapel: A Festival of Lessons and Carols [Decca Records - Gd Condition]
Anneliese Rothenberger: In Mir Klingt Ein Lied [Emi Records - Good Condition]
Richard Kiley: Curtain Going Up [Leo the Lion Records of MGM - Good Condition]
Jule Styne: Do Re Mi Musical Original Cast Recording [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
Mantovani Ole: And His Orchestra [London Records - Good Condition]
Chubby Checker: Let's Limbo Some More [Quality Records - Good Condition]
Gary Geld : Purple Original Broadway Cast Recording [Ampex Records - Good Condition]
Jesus Christ Superstar: Og Motion Picture Album 2 Disc [MCA Records - Gd Condition]
World Star Festival: In Aid of the Worlds Refugees [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Spinning Pups: Magnetic Plastic Attractions [RAK Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Funny Bone: Favourites 18 original Hits [Ronco Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Soni Ventorium Wind Quintet: Music for Musical Clock [Lyrichord Rec - Good Condition]
Dinah Shore: Holding Hands at Midnight [RCA Victor - Great Condition]
Dinah Shore: Sings Cole Porter+Richard Rogers [Col Harmony Records - Gd Condition]
Mikis Theodorakis: Zorba Greek Og. Soundtrack [20th Century Rec - Great Condition]
Robert Shaw Chorale: Deep River and Other Spirituals [RCA Victor - Great Condition]
Tomour Dorsey: FeatFrank Sinatra [Monophonic Coronet Records - Good Condition]
Frank Sinatra: The Voice [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Boston Pops Arther Fiedler: The Best of [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
James Horner: Gorky Park Og Motion Picture [On Eagle Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Roman Polanski: Chinatown Og Motion Picture [ABC Records 1974 - Good Condition]
Ralph Burns: All that Jazz Original Motion Picture [Polygram Records - Good Condition]
Artie Kaplan: Confessions of a Male Chauvinist Pig [Hops Records - Good Condition]
Mike Nichols: Retrospect 2 Disc W / Elaine May [Mercury Records - Good Condition]
Mike Nichols: Improvisations to Music W / Elaine May [Mercury Records - Gt Condition]
Herbert Von Karajan: Beethoven-Tchaikovsky 1812 Ov [Resonance Records - Gd Cond]
Vienna Philharmonic: Brahms Symphony No. 2 [RCA Victoria Records - Good Condition]
Leonard Bernstein: Tchikovsky Symphony No. 5 NY [Columbia Records - Gd Condition]
Johnny Mandel: The Sandpiper Original Soundtrack [Mercury Records - Good Condition]
John Williams: Fiddler on the Roof Original Motion Picture 2 Disc [United Artists Records - Fair Condition]
Burt Bacharach: Arthur the Album [Warner Bros Records - Great Condition]
Truman Capote: House of Flowers [Columbia Masterworks Records - Good Condition]
Leontyne Price: Prima Donna Volume 2 [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Dick Schory: Supercussion [RCA Victor Records - Good Condition]
Save the Children: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Motown Records - Good Condition]
Michael Legrand: Summer of 42 Original Motion Picture [Warner Bros Records - Great Condition]
Maynard Ferguson: Echoes of an ERA [Roulette Records - Good Condition]
Dave Brubeck: Bravo! Brubeck [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Boston Pops: All the Things You Are [RCA Victor Records - Good Condition]
Boston Pops: Tenderly [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
Hoffung: Music Festival Concert [Royal Festival Records - Good Condition]
Joe Heaney: Bloomsday [Aquitaine Records - Good Condition]
Mugsy Spainer: Dynamic Dixie [Weathers Industries Records - Fair Condition]
Van Cliburn: Schumann Concerto [RCA Victor Records - Good Condition]
Glenn Gould: Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol.1 [Columbia Masterworks - Great Condition]
Reds: Original Motion Picture [CBS Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Charles Fox: One on One [Warner Bros Records 1977 - Fair Condition]
Itzhak Graziani: Israel Song Festival 1974 [Israel Records - Good Condition]
Bill Conti: Harry and Tonto Original Motion Picture [Casablanca Records - Good Condition]
Robert Frost: Reads his Poetry [Caedmon Records 1957 - Good Condition]
James Horner: Cocoon Motion Picture Soundtrack [Polygram Records 1985 - Good Condition]
Marvin Hamlisch: Sophies Choice Motion Picture Soundtrack [Southern Cross Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Rodger + Hammerstein: The King and I Original Cast [Decca Records - Great Condition]
Scott Joplin: The Sting [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Sondheim: Side By Side By 2 Disc [RCA Red Seal Records - Good Condition]
James Horner: An American Trail Motion Picture [MCA Records 1986 - Great Condition]
Less Than Zero: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Columbia Records CBS 1987 - Good Condition]
Ron Carey: The Slightly Irreverent Comedy [RSVP Records - Good Condition]
Doris Day + Andre Previn: DUET [Columbia Recors 1962 - Great Condition]
Doris Day: Day Dreams LP [Columbia Records - Great Condition]
Doris Day: A Young Man with a Horn [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Doris Day: Day by Night [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Buddy Cole: Pipes Pedals and Fidelity [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Super Bloopers: Uncensored Vol. 1 2 Disc [K-Tel International - Good Condition]
Endless Love: Original Motion Soundtrack [Mercury Records - Good Condition] X2
Jack Dennett: 1916 - 1975 [CFRB Toronto Records - "Mint" Condition]
MGM Studio Symphony: Interrupted Melody Motion Picture [MGM Records - Good Condition]
Emil Stern: Marry me! Marry Me! Original Soundtrack Recording [RCA Victor Records - Great Condition]
Jackie Gleason: Music to Make you Misty [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Richard Sherman: Mary Poppins Original Cast Soundtrack [Vista Records - Good Condition]
James Newton Howard: Promised Land Original Soundtrack [RCA Records 1987 - Great Condition]
Noel Gay: Me and My Girl Original Broadway Cast [MCA Classic Records 1986 - Great Condition]
Francis Lai: Les Uns Et Les Autres 2 Disc [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Marvin Hamlisch: The Sting Original Motion picture Soundtrack [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Garry Sherman: Alice's Restaurant Original Motion Picture [United Artists Records - Good Condition]
Buddy Holly: The Buddy Holly Story Original Motion Picture [Columbia Records 1978 - Great Condition]
Charles Strouse: Bye Bye Birdie Original Broadway Cast [Columbia Masterworks - Good Condition]
Tom Scott: Stir Crazy Original Motion Picture [Quality Records 1981 - Fair Condition]
Max Steiner: Gone with The Wind Promotion Not For Sale [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Max Steinter: Gone with The Wind Cyril Ornadel and Starlight Symphony [MGM RIAA Records - Great Condition]
Philippe Entremont: Pictures at an Exhibition [Columbia Masterworks - Good Condition]
Alan Lerner: My Fair Lady Original Soundtrack Recording [Columbia Records - Good Condition] X2
John Kander: Cabaret Original Soundtrack [Allied Records - Good Condition]
Allegro Orchestra Chorus of London: Fiddler on the Roof [Keel Records - Good Condition]
Vangelis: Chariots of Fire Original Soundtrack [Polydor Records - Great Condition] X2
Toscanini: Mendelssohn NBC Symphony Orchestra [RCA Victoria Records - Good Condition]
Capriccio Italien: Tchikovsky Munich Philharmonic Orchestra [Polydor Records - Good Condition]
Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance Marches [EMI Angel Records - Good Condition]
John Barry: King Rat Original Sound Track [Mainstream Records - Good Condition]
Frank Loesser: Guys And Dolls Original Cast [Decca Records - Good Condition]
Rodgers and Hammerstein: South Pacific [RCA Red Seal - Good Condition]
Joe Pass: 12 String Guitar [Unsigned - Good Condition]
Gordon MacRae: The Desert Song [Capitol Records - Great Condition]
Rodgers+Hammerstein: South Pacific Highlights [Masterseal Records - Good Condition]
Rodgers+Hammerstein: South Pacific with Original Broadway Cast [Columbia Masterworks - Great Condition]
Rodgers+Hammerstein: South Pacific Oklahoma! [Somerset Records - Good Condition]
Joan Littlewood: Oh, What a Lovely War A New Musical [London Records - Good Condition]
Film Classics: Film Classics [RCA Red Seal Records - Good Condition]
Golden Screen Theme: Excellent CD - 4 Sound (H) [Victor Music Records - Good Condition]
Frank Cordell: Khartoum Original Motion Picture [United Artists Records - Good Condition]
Glenn Gould: Bach - The Two and Three Part Inventions [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Frank Chacksfield: Chacksfield plays Bacharach [London Records - Good Condition]
Juliam Bream: In Concert [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
Anita Bryant: Love Lifted Me [Word Records 1972 - Great Condition]
FCC Part 95: How to CB. 500 CB Terms for Quick on the Road Reference [Pickwick Records - Good Condition]
Carlos Kleiber: Beethoven Symphonie No.5 [Deutsche Grammophon Records - Good Condition]
Maple Sugar: Songs of Early Canada 2 Disc [Springwater Records - Good Condition]
Nino Rota: Waterloo Original Soundtrack of Paramount Picture [Quality Records - Good Condition]
Henry Mancini: The Acadeour Award Songs 31 Oscar Winners 2 Disc
[RCA Dynagroove Records - Good Condition]
John Ogdon: Mendlssohn Piano Concertos 1 and 2 London Symphony
[Patrician Records - Good Condition]
Sheila Henig: Piano Portraits [Attic Records - Good Condition]
Orchestra Symphonetta: A Holiday in Mexico [Somerset Records - Great Condition]
Johann Hummel: Konzert C-Dur No.2 [Schwann Music Records - Good Condition]
Haydn: Trumpet Concerto No.2 [Turnabout Records - Good Condition]
Haydn: The Three Organ Concertos Columbia Symphony [Columbia Masterworks - Good Condition]
Herrick Bunney: St Giles Cathedral Organ Series [EMI Odeon Records - Good Condition]
Marc Charpentier: Kings College Choir Purcell: Te Deum [EMI Angel Records - Good Condition]
Jerry Goldsmith: The Last Run Motion Picture Soundtrack [MGM Records - Great Condition]
Great Italian Love Songs: Twenty Original Hits [K-Tel Records - Good Condition]
The Waikiki's: Midnight Luau [Kapp Records - Good Condition]
Living Strings: Play Music of Hawaii [RCA Camden Records - Good Condition]
Leo Addeo: The Magic of Hawaii [RCA Camden Records - Good Condition]
Amsterdam Jewish Choir: Israel [London International Records - Good Condition]
Music of a People: Songs of Israel [Diplomat Records - Good Condition]
Stanley Black: Russia With London Festival Orchestra [London Records - Good Condition]
Zamfir: The Lonely Shepherd [Polygram Records 1980 - Good Condition] X2
Theodorakis: Greece, I love you [Sono Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Carnival Manuel: The Music of the Mountains [Attic Records - Good Condition]
Tijuana: Christmas Party [Arc Records - Good Condition]

JAZZ + R&B / SOUL + FUNK + BLUES: [244]
The Majestics: The Soul King Otis Redding - A Tribute [Arc Sound Toronto - Good Condition]
Julie Driscoll: JOOLS - OPEN Marmalade [Polydor - Good Condition]
The Legendary Duke Ellington [PYE 1975 - Great Condition]
Oscar Peterson Trio - I Got Rhythm Vol.1 [RCA Masters Black + White - Excellent Condition]
The Majestics: Let's do the Funky Broadway [ARC Sound - Good Condition]
Aretha Franklin: Aretha's Gold [Atlantic Records - Good Condition]
Aretha Franklin + George Carmichael: I knew you were Waiting for Me [Arista Records 1986 - Great Condition]
Aretha Franklin: Aretha [Arista Records 1980 - Great Condition]
Aretha Franklin: Freeway of Love [Arista Records 1985 - Great Condition]
Aretha Franklin: Almighty Fire [Atlantic Records - Good Condition]
Aretha Franklin: Spirit in the Dark [Atlantic Records 1970 - Good Condition]
Jonathan Winters: The Wonderful World of Jonathan Winters [Quality Records - Good Condition]
Earl Klugh: Finger Painting Original Master Recording [Mobile Fidelity - Good Condition]
Eddy Duchin: Dream Along [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Dionne Warwick: I'll Never Fall In Love Again [Sceptor Records - Great Condition]
Dionne Warwick: Greatest Motion Picture Hits [Scepter Records 1969 - Great Condition] X2
The Moody Blues: Seventh Soujourn [Threshold Records 1972 - Good Condition]
The Moody Blues: Days of Future Passsed [Decca Records 1967 - Good Condition]
The Moody Blues: On the Threshold of a Dream [Dream London Records 1969 - Good Condition]
The Moody Blues: To Our Childrens Childrens Children [London Records - Good Condition]
The Moody Blues: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour [London Records - Good Condition]
The Moody Blues: Long Distance Voyager [Polygram Records - Good Condition]
The Moody Blues: This is the Moody Blues 2 Disc [Threshold Records 1974 - Good Condition]
Diana Ross: Join the Temptations and the Supremes [Motown Records 1968 - Good Condition]
Dicky Valentine: Best of Dickie Valentine [Decca Records 1984 - Great Condition]
Dicky Valentine: Venus [Phonodine Records - Great Condition]
Dave Mckenna Trio: Plays the Music of Harry Warren [Concord Press 1981 - Fair Condition]
Dave Mckenna Trio: A Celebration of Hoagy Carmichael [Concord Press 1983 - Good Condition]
Dave Mckenna Trio: Giant Strides [Concord Press 1979 - Good Condition]
Chuck Mangione: Friends and Love 2 Disc [Mercury Records - Fair Condition]
Chuck Mangione: Land of Make Believe [Phonogram 1973 - Fair Condition]
Glenn Miller: Syd Lawrence Orchestra 2 Disc [Philips - Good Condition]
Glenn Miller: Plays Selections Original Recordings [RCA Victor - Fair Condition]
Glenn Miller: The Glenn Miller Motion Picture [MCA Records 1985 - Good Condition]
Glenn Miller: Plays Selectrions from the Glenn Miller Story [RCA Victor - Good Condition] X2 + BOOK
Glenn Miller: Orchestra Wives [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
Michael Flanders: At the Drop of a Hat [Parlophone 1960 - Good Condition]
Danny Kaye: Pure Delight [Harmony Records - Good Condition] X2
Danny Kaye: The Five Pennies [Quality Records - Good Condition]
Stan Kenton: The World Of [Duphonic Records - Good Condition]
Cleo Laine: Return to Carnegie [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Patti Page: Gentle on our Mind [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Patti Page: Indiscretion [Mercury Records - Great Condition]
Patti Page: I'll Remember April [Mercury Records - Good Condition]
Patti Page: Onstage [Mercury Records - Great Condition]
Longines Symphonette Recording Society: Big Band Era [Unsigned - Good Condition]
Ann Charters: A Joplin Bouquet [Crescendo Records - Great Condition]
Al Jolson: The Songs Of [Arc Sound Records - Great Condition]
Joe Venuti: Alone at the Palace [Chiaroscuro Records - Fair Condition]
Jimmie Lunceford: Rhythm is Our Business [Decca Records - Good Condition]
Joe Carlo: Carlo's Choice [RCA Camden Records - Good Condition]
Billy Ocean: Love Zone [Zomba Records 1986 - Great Condition]
Billy Ocean: Get Outta our Dreams, Get Into My Car [Zomba Records 1988 - Grea Condition]
Billy Ocean: Greatest Hits [1989 Zomba Records - Great Condition]
The Platters: Encore of Golden Hits [Mercury Records - Good Condition, Great Condition] X3
The Platters: The Platters [Mercury Records - Good Condition]
The Platters: In the Still of the Night [Pickwick Records - Good Condition]
The Ink Spots: The Best of 2 Disc [MCA Records - Great Condition]
Robert Donat: Favourite Poems Read at Home [Graphic Press - Fair Condition]
Patti La Belle: On My Own [MCA Records 1986 - Great Condition]
Earl Klugh: Crazy for You [Liberty Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Earl Klugh: One on One [Columbia Records 1979 - Great Condition]
Maynard Ferguson: HOT [CBS Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Jamal Ski: Jump, Spread out [Sony Music 1994 - Good Condition]
Engelbert Humperdink: Release Me [London Records 1967 - Fair Condition]
Engelbert Humperdink: A Man Without Love 
[London Records 1967 - Good Condition]
Engelbert Humperdink: Engelbert [London Records - Good Condition]
Monica Gaylord: Plays Ben McPeek [1977 Boot Records - Mint Condition]
The Mom and Dads: In the Blue Canadian Rockies [MCA Records - Good Condition]
The Mom and Dads: Reminiscing With [MCA Records - Great Condition]
Charley Pride: Songs of Pride, Charley that is [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
Hippychick: Soho #7 [ATCO Records - Good Condition]
Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music 2 Disc 
[Quincy Jones Records Qwest 1981 - Great Condition]
Thelma Houston: The Devil in Me [Mowtown Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Joshua Rifkin: Piano Rags Scott Joplin Vol I + II + II + III 
[Nonesuch Records 1974 - Good Condition]
Richard Zimmerman: Scott Joplin Excerpts from Treemonisha 
[Olympic Records - Good Condition]
Scott Joplin: The Red Back Book [Angel Records EMI 1973 - Great Condition]
Jermaine Stewart: Say it Again [Virgin Records 1988 - Mint Condition]
Nat King Cole: Sings Ballads of the Day [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Cleo Laine: A Beautiful Thing [RCA Records 1974 - Great Condition]
Cleo Laine: Return to Carnegie [RCA Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Cleo Laine: Born on a Friday [RCA Records 1976 - Good Condition]
John Mayale: Barewires Blues Breakers [London Records 1969 - Good Condition]
Ray Charles: Doing HIS Thing [ABC Records - Good Condition]
Dave Gardner: Brother Rejoice, Dear Hearts! 
[RCA Victor Records 1959 - Fair Condition]
Peggy Lee: Things are Swingin' [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Love Unlimited: Under the Influence Of ... [Century Records 1973 - Good Condition]
Fats Waller: Ain'T Misbehavin' 2 Disc [RCA Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Billy Vera: By Request [Rhino Records - Great Condition]
Mistress Madame E: MicJack [Macola Record - Good Condition]
Bette Midler: Bette Midler [Atlantic Records 1973 - Good Condition]
Bette Midler: The Divine Miss M [Atlantic Records 1972 - Good Condition]
Bette Midler: Live at Last 2 Disc [Atlantic Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Bette Midler: Beaches Original Soundtrack Record 
[Atlantic Records 1988 - Good Condition]
Ultra Nate: Party Girl ... Turn me Loose [King Street Records 1995 - Good Condition]
Jolson Story: Memories ... [Decca Records - Good Condition]
Kevin Lewis: Louisiana Purchase [Garret Sound Records - Good Condition]
Diana Ross: Swept Away [RCA Records 1984 - Good Condition]
Breathe: All that Jazz [Siren Records 1988 - Good Condition] X2
The Fifth Dimension: Loves Lines, Angles and Rhymes 
[Quality Records - Great Condition]
Frank De Vol: Dennis Day [Masterseal Records - Good Condition]
Teddy: Live! Coast to Coast 2 Disc [Philadelphia International Records - Fair Condition]
Tower of Power: Tower of Power [Cypress Records 1987 - Good Condition]
Fats Waller: The Real Fats Waller [RCA Camden Records - Good Condition]
The Temptations: Live at the Copa [Motown Records 1968 - Good Condition]
Luther Vandross: The Night I Fell in Love [CBS Records 1985 - Good Condition]
Philip Walker: Someday you'll have These Blues [Joliet Productions - Fair Condition]
Soulful Strut: The Young Holt Unlimited [Brunswick Records - Good Condition]
Gary Vs Bonds: On the Line [EMI Records - Good Condition]
Dorothy Moore: Misty Blue [Malaco Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Bob Milne: Boog Blues & Rags [Unsigned Records - Great Condition]
Bobby McFerrin: Simple Pleasures [EMI Records 1988 - Mint Condition]
The Manhattans: Forever by your Side [CBS Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Little Anthony and the Imperials: Little Hits Of 
[Pickwick 33 Records - Good Condition]
Grovenor Washington Jr: Winelight [WEA Music Records - Good Condition]
JR Walker and the All Stars: Greatest Hits [Motown Records 1969 - Good Condition]
Donna Summer: Donna Summer [Geffen Records - Good Condition]
Eighty Sparrow: The Greatest [BWIA Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Solid Gold Soul: Americas Greatest Soul Singers [Quality Records - Good Condition]
Ray Simpson: Crazy Pictures [Circa Records 1991 - Good Condition]
Powder Blues: Thirsty Ears [Liberty Records - Good Condition] X2
Powder Blues: Uncut [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Pointer Sisters: Hot Together [RCA Records 1986 - Great Condition]
Pointer Sisters: Break Out [Planet Records - Great Condition]
Joan Armatrading: Track Records [AM Records - Great Condition]
Ashford & Simpson: Solid [Capitol Records - Great Condition]
Burt Bacharach: Plays His Hits [Kapp Records - Great Condition]
Max Sherman: "Mr Honkey Tonk" The Richmond Inncrowd 
[Allied Records - Good Condition]
Al Hirt: The Happy Trumpet [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
Woody Herman Orchestra: A Tribute to Woody Herman 
[Crown Records - Good Condition]
Wood Herman: The New Thundering Herd 2 Disc [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Glen Gray: Themes of the Great Bands Vol. 6 [EMI Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Commodores: In the Pocket [Motown Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Don Baker: Sound Showcase [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Bix Biederbecke: 1924 [Olympic Records - Good Condition]
George Benson: Breezin [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Bix and Tram: 1927 [Swaggie Records - Good Condition]
Anita O'Day: Waiter, Make Mine Blues [Pacific Jazz Records - Good Condition]
Jam Session: Play A Long 2 Disc Vol. 34 [JA Records - Good Condition]
The Great Big Bands: The Great Big Bands 
[CBS Colubmia Records 1974 - Mint Condition]
Swing Fever: All Star Swing Band [CBS Records 1982 - Great Condition]
Eddie Davis: With Harry Sweet Edison [Storyville Records 1978 - Good Condition]
The Tatum: Solo Masterpieces [Pablo Records - Good Condition]
Francis Faye: Caught in the Act Vol.2 [Crescendo Records - Great Condition]
Chickenman: The Best Of [ATCO Records - Good Condition]
Victor Borge: Borges Back [MGM Records - Good Condition]
Victor Borge: Comedy in Music [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Peter Nero: Plays a Salute to Tijuana Brass [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
Eydie Gorme: The Sound of Music [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Lesley Gore: Girl Talk [Mercury Wing Records - Good Condition]
Golden Avatar: A Change of Heart [Sudarshan Records 1976 - Fair Condition]
Goodie Mob: Ghetto-ology [LaFace Records 1998 - Good Condition]
Go Go's: Beauty and the Beat 
[International Record Syndicate 1981 - Good Condition]
Go Go's: Vacation [International Record Syndicate 1982 - Good Condition]
Gloria Estefan: Cuts Both Ways [Epic Records - Good Condition]
The Joe Ely Band: Live Shots [MCA Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Chris Barber: Plays Monty Sunshine [Marble Arch Records - Good Condition]
Stanley Jordan: Magic Touch [Blue Note Records - Good Condition]
Life Love Pain: Club Nouveau [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Natalie Cole: Happy Love [EMI Capitol Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Natalie Cole: Unpredictable [EMI Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Natalie Cole: Thankful [EMI Capitol Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Blues Brothers: Briefcase Full of Blues [Atlantic Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Chambers Brothers: Love, Peace and Happiness 2 Disc 
[Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Claude Bolling: Suite For Flute and Jazz Piano [CBS Records 1975 - Great Condition]
Pee Wee Russel: Land of Jazz [Teaspoon Records - Good Condition]
Mavis Rivers: The Simple Life [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Ralph Sharon: Autumn Leaves and Spring Fever [London Records - Good Condition]
Artie Shaw: The Great Artie Shaw [Camden Records - Good Condition]
Harry James: The Solid Gold Trumpet of [MGM Records - Good Condition]
Lily Tomlin: This is a Recording [Polydor Records - Good Condition]
William Bolcom: More Rodgers and Hart [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Dazz Band: Keep it Live [Quality Records - Good Condition]
Eddy Duchin: The Fabulous [Vik Records - Great Condition]
Benny Goodman: 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert Vol. 1 + 2 
[Columbia Masterworks - Good Condition]
Jazz Horizons: Word Jazz [DOT High Fidelity Recording - Good Condition]
Dinah Shore: Sings Some Blues With Red [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Whoopi Goldberg: Original Broadway Show [Geffen Records 1985 - Mint Condition]
Anne Sylvestre: Anne Sylvestre [Barclay Records - Good Condition]
Lovindeer: Am I Hurting You Honey [VP Records - Good Condition]
Gary U.S. Bonds: Dedication [EMI Records - Good Condition]
Cat Stevens: Tea for the Tillerman [AM Records - Good Condition]
Cat Stevens: Izitso [AM Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Jean Claude Borelly: Hits No.1 [Able Records - Good Condition] X2
Herb Alpert: The Lonely Bull [AM Records - Good Condition]
Blue Rondo a la Turk: Me and Mr Sanchez [Virgin Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Brothers Four: BMOC [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Brothers Four: A New World's Record [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Bev Barker: Stand By Your Man [Keel Records - Great Condition]
Helen O'Connell: This Is Helen O'Connell 2 Disc [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
Itzhak Perlman: The Easy Winners Rag-Time music of Scott Joplin 
[Angel Records - Great Condition]
George Formby: The Inimitable George Formby [EMI Records - Good Condition]
ABS: The Vinyl Frontier [Tune Up Records - Good Condition]
The Boomtown Rats: V-Deep [Phonogram Records 1982 - Good Condition]
Donna Summer: Bad Girls 2 Disc [Polygram Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Percy Faith: Music from Hollywood [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Paranoid Jack: Slave Driver Remixes [Stickman Records 2001 - Great Condition]
Paranoid Jack: U [Stickman Records 2001 - Great Condition]
Anne Murray: What About Me [ARC Records 1963 - Good Condition] X2
Anne Murray: Honey, Wheat And Laughter [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Anne Murray: Greatest Hits [EMI Records - Good Condition] X2
Anne Murray: This Way is My Way [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Anne Murray: Somebody's Waiting [EMI Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Ronney Abramson: Stowaway [CBS Records 1977 - Great Condition]
Charity Brown: Rock Me [AM Records - Good Condition]
Melissa Manchester: Greatest Hits [Arista Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Mama Cass: Dream a Little Dream of Me [Pickwick Records 1973 - Good Condition]
Lulu: Lulu [Alfa Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Lulu: To Sir With Love [Epic Records - Good Condition]
Barry Manilow: Even Now [Arista Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Barry Manilow: Live 2 Disc [Arista Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Max Morath: At the Turn of the Century [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Sylvia Robinson: Sylvia [Vibration Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Jennifer Rush: Flames of Paradise [MCA Records 1987 - Great Condition]
Geraldine: Don't Fight the Feeling [Little David Records 1972 - Good Condition]
Saroff and the Cool Ones: Like Beat Man [Kapp Records - Good Condition]
Max Miller: That's Nice Maxie [Pye Records - Good Condition]
John Arpin: Jazz - Solo Piano [EBM records 1976 - Great Condition]
Hancock: The Blood Donor The Radio Ham [Allied Records - Good Condition]
Joe Carrasco: Joe King Carrasco [Hannibal Records - Good Condition]
Bach: Greatest Hits - A Jazz Vocal Treatment [Philips Records - Good Condition]
Mireille Mathieu: Mireille Mathieu [Polydor Records - Great Condition]
Iwan Rebroff: Russiche Party [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Maritza Horn: Morgoni Georgia [Sonet Records 188 - Good Condition]
Roberto Delgado: Hits a La Fiesta [Polydor Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Lionel Richie: Can't Slow Down [Quality Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Lionel Richie: Lionel Richie [Motown Records 1982 - Good Condition]
Petula: Don't Give Up, Kiss Me Goodbye [Seven Arts Records - Good Condition]
Helen Reddy: Greatest Hits [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Anthony Phillips: The Geese & The Ghost [Passport Records - Fair Condition]
Bobby Rydell: Forget Him [Cameo Records - Good Condition]
Rickie Lee Jones: Pirates [Warner Bros Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Wally Jump Junior: Private Party [AM Records - Mint Condition]
Klymaxx: Don't Hide your Love [MCA Records - Good Condition]

POP + ROCK + Metal + Folk/Country: [496]
The Tokens: The Lion Sleeps Tonight [RCA Victor 1961 - Good Condition]
Split Enz: True Colours [AM Records - Great Condition]
SOS Band: Just the Way you like it [TOBU Records 1984 - Good Condition]
Rod Stewart: Blondes Have More Fun [Warner Brother 1978 - Good Condition]
Rod Stewart: Recorded Highlights and Action Replays 
[Philips Records - Good Condition]
Rod Stewart: Every Picture Tells a Story [Classic Edition Records - Good Condition]
Richard Harris: Love Album [Dunhill Records - Fair Condition]
Gilles Godard: Gilles Godard [Book Shop Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Dan Hill: Dan Hill [McCauley Music Records 1975 - Fair Condition]
Dan Hill: Longer Fuse 2 Disc [GRT Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Dan Hill: Frozen in the Night [GRT Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Dan Hill: Partial Surrender [Epic Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Dan Hill: Hold On [GRT Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Vicky Leandros: The Love in your Eyes [RCA Stereo 1973 - Great Condition]
Richard Huet: Ta Chanson [Polydor Records - Good Condition]
The Humphrey Family Sings: The Humphreys 
[Pinebrook Recording - Negligible Condition]
Asgard: L'Hirondelle [Warner Brothers Records - Negligible Condition]
Jennifer Warnes: The Best of Jennifer Warnes [Arista Records 1982 - Great Condition]
Tall New Buildings: Breaking Her Walls [Somersault Records - Good Condition]
Lydia Taylor: Lydia Taylor [Falcon Records - Great Condition]
Tenants: Visions of our Future [Epic Records 1984 - Great Condition]
Village People: Village People [Casablanca Records 1977 - Good Condition] X2
Hapers Bizarre: Anything Goes [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Noel Harrison: Collage [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Barbara Streisand: Memories [CBS Records 1981 - Great Condition]
Barbara Streisand: A Star is Born [CBS Records 1976 - Good Condition] X2
Barbara Streisand: The Third Album [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Barbara Streisand: The Barbara Streisand Album 
[Columbia Records 1963 - Good Condition]
Survivor: Vital Signs [CBS Records 1984 - Good Condition]
Rod Stewart: Atlantic Crossing [Warner Bros Records 1975 - Great Condition]
The Seagulls: Her Joy, Her Songs [Crossed Condition]
Jerry Jeff Walker: Best of Jerry Jeff Walker [MCA Records 1980 - Great Condition]
Rachel Sweet: Protect the Innocent [Stiff Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Sylvia Swan: The Teacups [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Sylum: Sylum [Albert Music 1985 - Good Condition]
Synergy: Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra 
[Passport Records 1975 - Good Condition] X2
THP Orchestra: Early Riser [RCA Records 1976 - Great Condition]
Taco: After Eight [PSP 1982 - Great Condition] X2
UB40 CCCP: Live in Moscow [Virgin Records 1986 - Good Condition]
Urban Verbs: Early Damage [Warner Brothers 1981 - Good Condition]
Urban Verbs: Urban Verbs [Warner Brothers 1980 - Good Condition]
Dusty Springfield: Just Dusty [London Records 1967 - Good Condition]
The Sweet: The Sweet [Bell Records 1973 - Fair Condition]
The Turtles: Golden Hits [White Whale Records - Good Condition]
Til Tuesday: Voices Carry [CBS Records 1985 - Good Condition]
The Triffids: Calenture [Island Records 1987 - Good Condition]
Traffic: The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys [Polydor Records - Fair Condition]
Triumvirat: Old Loves Die Hard [Capitol Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Triumph: Allied Forces [Attic Records 1981 - Good Condition]
BJ Thomas: Most of All [Scepter Records - Good Condition]
Ian Thomas: Calabash [GRT Records - Good Condition]
Ian Thomas: The Runner [Anthem Records 1975 - Good Condition]
George Thorogood: Better than the Rest [MCA Records 1979 - Great Condition]
George Thorogood: More Of [Attic Records 1980 - Great Condition]
Hair: Hair [Polydor Records - Good Condition] X3
Kristofferson: Who's to bless [CBS Records 1975 - Good Condition]
Kristofferson: Me and Bobby McGee [London Records - Good Condition]
King: Swamp [Virgin Records 1989 - Mint Condition Sealed] X2
Halfton: Live at Rockcliffe Hotel [Play it Loud Records - Mint Condition Sealed]
Bruce Springsteen: With E Street Band Live 1975 - 1985 3 Cassettes 
[Columbia Records - Great Condition]
Lipps INC: Mouth to Mouth [Casablanca Records 1980 - Great Condition]
Little River Band: Geratest Hits [Capitol Records 1982 - Good Condition]
Little River Band: Supercatcher [EMI Records 1978 - Fair Condition]
Lobo: Lobo [Curb Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Kenny Loggins: Nightwatch [CBS Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Louie Louie: The State I'm In [WTG Records 1980 - Great Condition]
Randy Newman: Little Criminals [Warner Bros Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Olivia Newton John: Making a Good Thing Better [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Olivia Newton John: Physical 2 Disc [MCA Records - Fair Condition]
Olivia Newton John: Clearly Love [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Greg Kihnspiracy Band: Greg Kihnspiracy Band 
[Beserkley Records - Good Condition] X2
The Byrds: Greatest Hits [Columbia Records - Great Condition]
Ronnie Hawkins: Hello Again ... Mary Lou [Trilogy Records 1987 - Great Condition]
James Gang: Thirds [Dunhill Records - Fair Condition]
Tomour James: Christian of the World [Unsigned - Good Condition]
ABC: Be Near Me [Polygram Records 1985 - Good Condition]
Genesis: Seconds Out 2 Disc [Atlantic Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Michael Franks: Passionate Fruit [Warner Bros 1983 - Great Condition]
New Blood: Blood Sweat & Tears [CBS Records 1972 - Good Condition]
Madonna: You Can Dance Promotional Copy [Sire Records 1984 - Great Condition]
Madonna: Like a Virgin [Sire Records 1984 - Good Condition] X2
Michael Cooney: The Cheese Stands Alone [Folk Legacy Records - Good Condition]
Michael Cooney: Still Cooney after All these Years 
[Front Hall Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Bonnie Tyler: Faster than the Speed of Light [CBS Records 1983 - Great Condition]
Johnny Rivers: Realization [Imperial Records - Great Condition]
Kenny Loggins: Alive [CBS Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Jim Byrnes: Burning [Polydor Records 1981 - Great Condition]
Gowan: Strange Animal [CBS Records 1985 - Good Condition]
The Ventures: Shaft - Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves [United Artists - Good Condition]
Paul Young: Every time you go Away [Columbia Records - Great Condition]
Jesse Young: Songbird [Warner Bros Records 1975 - Good Condition]
Tacks On Band: Beat Crazy [AM Records 1980 - Great Condition]
Bourgeois Tagg: Yoyo [Island Records 1987 - Great Condition]
Andy Irvine: Rainy Sundays ... Windy Dreams [Tara Records 1980 - Great Condition]
Donnie Iris: The High and the Mighty [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Donnie Iris: Back on the Streets [MCA Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Icehouse: Man of Colours [Chrysalis Records 1987 - Great Condition] X2
Julio Ilesias: 1100 Bel Air Place [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Brian Hyland: Original Favourites [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Zon: Back down to Earth [Epic Records 1979 - Good Condition]
The Tremeloes: Suddenly you Love Me [Epic Records - Good Condition]
Joni Mitchell: Ladies of the Canyon [Warner Brothers Records - Fair Condition]
Harmonium: Harmonium [Shediac Records 1974 - Good Condition] X2
60 Minutes of Country Music: All Time Great Country Songs! Limited Edition [Marathon Music 1972 - Good Condition]
Ramblin Lou: Seashore Blues [Arc Records - Fair Condition]
Loretta Lynn: Fist City [Decca Records - Good Condition]
Sabicas: Rock Encounter with Joe Beck [Polydor Records - Good Condition]
Buddy and the Boys: Buddy [Shagrock Sound 1977 - Good Condition]
Felix Leclerc: Mes Premieres Chansons [Philips Records - Good Condition]
Felix Leclerc: Le Tour De L'ile [Philips Records 1975 - Good Condition]
Felix Leclerc: Pleins Flux Sur 2 Disc [Philips Records - Good Condition]
Georges Moustaki: Le Meteque [Polydor Records - Good Condition]
Vicky Apres Toi: Proclamee Grand Prix A Eurovision 
[RCA Victor 1972 - Great Condition]
Vicky Apres Toi: Les Grands Succes de [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Otta Va: Eight Seconds [Apprentice Records 1985 - Good Condition]
Mireille Mathieu: Mireille ... Mireille [Unsigned - Great Condition]
Mireille Mathieu: La Premiere Etoile [Unsigned - Great Condition]
Mireille Mathieu: Sweet Souvenirs of [Barclay Records - Great Condition]
Oh! Oh! Canada: The Brothers in Law [Arc Sound - Good Condition]
Statler Brothers: Greatest Hits [K-Tel Records 1983 - Great Condition]
Neil Young: Hawks & Doves [Reprise Records - Good Condition]
Neil Young: On the Beach [Reprise Records - Good / Fair Condition Cover Warp]
Gilbert Becaud: Collection D'Or [EMI Records - Good Condition]
Diadem: Diadem [Diadem Records 1982 - Good Condition]
Suzanne Pinel: Un Cadeau Pour Toi [Les Marc 1979 - Great Condition]
Suzanne Pinel: Je M'Appelle Marie-Soleil [Les Marc 1981 - Great Condition]
Rod Stewart: Body Wishes [Warner Brothers Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Rod Stewart: Foolish Behaviour [Warner Bros Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Rod Stewart: A Night on the Town [Warner Bros Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Rod Stewart: Sing it Again Rod [Mercury Records - Good Condition] X2
Charlie Daniels Band: Million Mile Reflections [CBS Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Uncle Charlie: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band [Unsigned - Good Condition]
Kenny Rogers: Kenny [Liberty Records 1979 - Great Condition]
Dusty Springfield: The Look of Love [London Records 1967 - Good Condition]
Union Jacks: The Babys [Chrysalis Records 1980 - Great Condition]
The Sandpipers: The Sandpipers [AM Records - Good Condition]
Leo Sayer: Living in a Fantasy [Warner Brothers 1980 - Good Condition]
Sea Level: Cats on the Coast [Capricorn Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Seganini: Goodbye L.A. [Bomb Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Maddy Prior + June Tabor: Silly Sisters [Chrysalis Records - Good Condition]
Bruce Hornsby And the Range: The Way it is [RCA Records - Great Condition]
Kingston Trio: Here we Go Again! [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
J Geils Band: Full House "Live" [Atlantic Records 1972 - Great Condition]
J Geils Band: The Morning After [Atlantic Records 1971 - Good Condition]
J Geils Band: Nightmares [Atlantic Records 1974 - Good Condition]
Apollo 100: Master Pieces [Quality Records 1972 - Great Condition]
Steve Miller: Abracadabra [Capitol EMI Records 1982 - Good Condition]
Alley Cat: Bent Fabric [London Records - Good Condition]
Gordon Lightfoot: Classic Lightfoot [United Artists Records - Good Condition]
Gordon Lightfoot: Back Here on Earth [United Artists Records - Good Condition]
Gordon Lightfoot: Lightfoot! [United Artists Records - Good Condition]
Hums of the Lovin Spoonful: Hums of the Lovin Spoonful 
[MGM Records Kama Sutra - Good Condition]
Sonny James: The Guitars of [Columbia CBS Records 1975 - Good Condition]
Pete Seeger: Pete Seeger [Everest Records - Good Condition]
Pete Seeger: Childrens Concert at Town Hall [CBS Records - Good Condition]
Storm: Storm [Capitol EMI Records 1983 - Good Condition]
The Guess Who: Rockin' [RCA Victor Records - Good Condition]
Hank Snow: I've Been Everywhere [RCA Victor Records - Good Condition]
Trini Lopez: The Folk Album [Reprise Records - Good Condition]
Trini Lopez: The Trini Lopez Show TV Special [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Trini Lopez: Now! [Reprise Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Trini Lopez: At PJ'S Recorded Live [Reprise Records - Good Condition]
Trini Lopez: MORE At PJ'S Recorded Live [Reprise Records - Good Condition]
Trini Lopez: The Latin Album [Reprise Records - Great Condition]
Roberto Delgado: Bouzouki [Polydor Records 1974 - Good Condition]
Roberto Delgado: Bouzouki is Beautiful [Polydor Records - Good Condition]
Georges Moustaki: Le Meteque [Polydor Records - Good Condition]
Manos Hadjidakis: Sous le Soleil De Grece [Philips Records - Good Condition]
Harry Belafonte: Harry Belafonte 2 Disc [Tee Vee Records - Good Condition]
Harry Belafonte: Jump Up Calypso [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
Hubert Smith: Bermuda 350 Years [Unsigned 1959 - Good Condition]
The Merrymen: The Best Of [Banner Records - Great Condition] X2
Tyrone + The Clouds: Steelband and Island Songs 
[MerryDisc Records - Great Condition]
Segovia: Three Centuries of the Guitar [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Tangos Arrabaleros [Victoria Discos Records - Good Condition]
Orchestral Maneuvers In the Dark: Crush [Virgin Records - Great Condition]
Orchestral Maneuvers In the Dark: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark 
[Virgin Records 1985 - Good Condition]
Jeff Beck Group: Jeff Beck Group [Epic Records 1972 - Good Condition]
Adam and the Ants: Kings of the Wild Frontier [CBS Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Valdy and the Hometown Band: Folk Singer Deluxe W Side of Fries 
[AM Records - Great Condition]
Valdy: Landscapes [AM Records - Great Condition]
Miami Sound Machine: Primitive Love [Epic Records 1985 - Good Condition]
Petula Clark: Memphis [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Petula Clark: Just Pet [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
James Darren: All [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Night and Daydream: Night and Daydream Special Promo Copy 
[Touchstone Sound Records - Great Condition]
Lene Lovich: Stateless [Epic Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Lene Lovich: Flex [Epic Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Los Lobos: By the Light of the Moon [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Zuba: Secrets and Sins [Capitol Records 1984 - Good Condition]
Electric Rock Opera: The Naked Carmen [Unsigned - Good Condition]
David Lindley: El Rayo-X [Asylum Records - Good Condition]
Bob McBride: Bob McBride [London Records - Mint Condition]
Hazel O'Connor: Sons and Lovers [AM Records - Good Condition]
Nomo: The Great Unknown [Atlantic Records 1985 - Great Condition]
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Plain Dirt Fashion 
[Warner Bros Records 1984 - Great Condition]
Al Stewart: 24 Carrots [Arista Kinetic Records - Great Condition]
Tomour Steele: 20 Greatest Hits [Spot Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Star: Collection [K-Tel International CBS 1984 - Good Condition]
The Association: Singing ... Along comes Mary [Valiant Records - Fair Condition]
Graham Parker: Squeezing Out Sparks [Arista Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Pablo Cruise: Worlds Away [AM Records 1978 - Good Condition]
The Vapors: New Clear Days [Liberty / United Records 1980 - Good Condition] X2
Eddie Money: Nothing to Lose [CBS Records 1988 - Great Condition]
Nancy Sinatra: Movin' with Nancy [Reprise Records - Good Condition]
Laura Branigan: Branigan 2 [Atlantic Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Blow Monkeys: Digging your Scene [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Blow Monkeys: Out With Her [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Blood Sweat And Tears: 3 [Colubmia Records - Good Condition]
Blues Band: Itchy Feet [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Boz Scaggs: Moments [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Boz Scaggs: Down two then Left [CBS Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Boz Scaggs: Silk Degrees [Columbia CBS Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Kathleen Ferrier: Folk Songs [London Records - Good Condition]
Rodger Whitaker: Greatest Hits [RCA Records - Great Condition] X2
Razorbacks: Live a Little [Other Peoples Music 1989 - Great Condition]
Yvonne Murray: Yvonne Murray [MCG Records - Mint Condition, Fair Condition] X2
Jim + Rosalie: At the Music Factory [Flutterby Music 1981 - Mint Condition]
The Blasters: Blasters [Warner Bros Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Bruce Cockburn: Mumour Dust [CBS Records - Good Condition]
Ann Mortifee: Journey to Kairos [Jabula Records 1980 - Fair Condition]
Melanie: Madrugada [Neibourhood Records 1974 - Good Condition]
Melanie: Melanie [Atlantic Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Bill Medley: 100 Percent [MGM Records - Good Condition]
Campfire: Sing Along [Kent Records - Good Condition]
Dan Fogelberg: Nether Lands [Epic Records - Great Condition]
Dan Fogelberg: Twin Sons of Different Mothers [Epic Records - Great Condition]
Lookin Back: 50's + 60's Support Ronald McDonald House 
[CBS Special Products 1981 - Mint Condition]
Power Hits : Tweny Power Hits Volume II [K-Tel Records - Fair Condition]
Enigma Variations: Enigma Variations Volume II 
[Enigma Records 1987 - Good Condition]
Fonzie Favourites [Ahed Records 1976 - Fair Condition]
Bananarama: Bananarama [London Records 1984 - Good Condition]
Super: Pop Rock and Soul [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Blast Off: Blast Off [K Tel Records - Great Condition]
Greased Lightning: Greased Lightning [TeeVee Records - Good Condition]
Cash Cows: Cash Cows [Virgin Records - Great Condition]
Dick Clark: Twenty Years of Rock N' Roll 2 Disc [Buddha Rec 1973 - Good Condition] X2
Disco: Disco [Warner/Elekra/Atlanta Records - Good Condition]
The Hit Makers: Original Top Hits [Colubmia Records - Good Condition]
Rockin Fifties: Great Hits Making the Good Times Roll 
[Baby Boomer Records Polydor 1959 - Good Condition]
Sixties Mix: 30 Sequnced Hits of the 60's [Quality Records - Good Condition]
Dimensions: Dimensions [K - Tel Records - Good Condition]
Divine: You think you're a Man [Virgin Records 1984 - Good Condition]
Bobby Darin: Inside Out [Atlantic Records - Good Condition]
The Doobie Brothers: One Step Closer [Warner Bros Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Neil Diamond: Jonathan Livingston Seagull 2 Disc 
[Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Neil Diamond: The Jazz Singer [EMI Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Neil Diamond: 20 Golden Greats [MCA Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Neil Diamond: I'm Glad You're With Me Tonight 
[CBS Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Neil Diamond: Tap Root Manuscript [Universal Records - Great Condition]
Neil Diamond: Gold Recorded Live at Troubadour 
[Universal Records - Good Condition]
Neil Diamond: Stones [RIAA MCA Records - Good Condition]
Neil Diamond: Love at the Greek 2 Disc [Unsigned - Good Condition]
America: Harbor [Warner Bros Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Peter Paul and Mary: Album [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Peter Paul and Mary: Moving [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Peter Paul and Mary: See what Tomorrow Brings 
[Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Peter Paul and Mary: In the Wind [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Peter Paul and Mary: In Concert 2 Disc [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Peter Paul and Mary: Peter Paul and Mary [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Peter Paul and Mary: Peter Paul and Momour 
[Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Andreas Vollenweider: Down to the Moon [CBS Records - Great Condition]
Haywire: Don't Just Stand There [Attic Records 1987 - Great Condition]
Jan And Dean: Deadman's Curve [Liberty Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Mike Post: Railhead Overture [MGM Records 1974 - Good Condition]
Elaine Page: Stages [Quality Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Bill Blacks Combo: Raindrops keep fallin' On our Head 
[Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Matt Bianco: Haydn Cottum Promotional Copy 
[WEA Records 1986 - Good Condition]
Jose Jimenez: The Astronaut The First Man in Space 
[Kapp Records - Good Condition]
The Smothers Brothers: Tours De Farce [Mercury Records - Good Condition]
Hector Nicol: Lady and the Tramp [NKR Records - Fair Condition]
Flash and the Pan: Flash and the Pan [Epic Records - Good Condition]
The Who: Face Dances [Warner Brothers Records - Great Condition]
Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. II 2 Disc 
[Columbia Records - Good Condition]
The Rolling Stones: Emotional Rescue [WEA Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Pete Townshend: Empty Glass [ATCO Records - Good Condition]
Pete Townshend: White City [ATCO Records 1985 - Great Condition]
Richard Perry: Bingo [Grammophone Records 1973 - Good Condition]
Michael Franks: Tiger in the Rain [Warner Brothers Records - Good Condition]
Rhinocerous: Rhinocerous [Elektra Records - Fair Condition]
Giant: Last of the Runaways [AM Records - Good Condition]
Crystal Gale: These Days [CBS Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Crystal Gale: The Best of [Warner Bros Records 1987 - Good Condition]
Crystal Gale: True Love [WEA Records 1982 - Good Condition]
Goose Creek Symphony: Words of Earnest [EMI Records - Good Condition]
The Good Brothers: Live 2 Disc [Solid Gold Records - Good Condition]
Golden Earring: Cut [Polydor Records 1982 - Good Condition]
Bobby Goldsboro: Solid Goldsboro [United Artists Records - Great Condition]
Go West: Eye to Eye (Credibility Mix) [Chrysalis Records 1985 - Good Condition]
Eye: Just in Time to Be Late [Duke Records - Good Condition]
Saga: Silent Knight [Corcoran Maze Records - Great Condition] X2
Saga: Saga [Polydor Records 1978 - Good Condition] X2
Saga: Heads or Tails [Rocker-Fella Maze Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Saga: Images at Twilight [Maze Records - Great Condition]
Kiri Te Kanawa: Come to the Fair [EMI Angel Records - Good Condition]
Joan Baez: Joan Bez I + II + Joan Baez in Concert + In Concert Part II 
[Amadeo Records - Good Condition] X4
Joan Baez: Diamons & Rust [AM Records - Good Condition]
Allan Sherman: My Son, The Folk Singer [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Allan Sherman: My Son, The Celebrity [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Pearl Harbour: Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too 
[Warner Bros Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Tom Pomeroy: Tom [Unsigned 1969 - Mint Condition]
Tom Pomeroy: North Buxton [Unsigned - Mint Condition]
Barry White: The Man [20th Century Fox Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Tomour Wills: Man With a Horn [BMI Records - Mint Condition]
Tomour Wills: Man With a Horn Plays Country 
[Country International Records - Mint Condition]
Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Relax [Island Records 1983 - Good Condition]
The Tenants: The Tenants [CBS Records 1983 - Great Condition]
Pretenders: Pretenders [Real Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Bill Nelson: Savage Gestures for Charms Sake Import 
[Unsigned Records - Good Condition]
Otis Redding: The Jimour Hendrix Experience 
[Warner Bros Reprise 1970 - Good Condition]
Ambrosia: One Eighty [Warner Bros Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Sha Na Na: Rock & Roll Here to Stay! [Karma Sutra Records - Good Condition]
Lighthouse: Can you Feel It [GRT Records - Good Condition]
Lighthouse: Peacing it all Together 2 Disc [RCA Records - Good Condition]
John Klemer: Touch [ABC Records - Good Condition]
Cutting Crew: The Scattering [Siren Records 1989 - Mint Condition]
Chicago: 17 [Warner Bros Records 1984 - Good Condition]
The Blushing Brides: Unveiled [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Barney Bentall: and the Legendary Hearts [CBS Records 1988 - Good Condition]
Anata: Night and Daydream Special Promotional Copy 
[Touchstone Records - Mint Condition]
Bourgeois: Tagg [Island Records 1986 - Good Condition]
The Babys: Head First [Chrysalis Records - Good Condition]
The Babys: On the Edge [Chrysalis Records - Good Condition]
Crystal Gale: Miss the Mississippi [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Eight Seconds - Almacantar [Polygram Records 1986 - Good Condition] X2
Shirley Eikhard: Shirley Eikhard [EMI Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Eagles: One of These Nights [WEA Music Records - Good Condition] X2
Eagles: Desperado [WEA Asylum Records - Good Condition]
Dr. Hook: Pleasure and Pain [EMI Records 1978 - Good Condition]
The Drivers: Short Cuts [Dallcourte Records - Good Condition]
Downchild Blues Band: Dancing [Special Records 1974 - Good Condition]
Doug and the Slugs: Cognac and Bologna [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Donovan: Wear your love like Heaven [Epic Records - Great Condition]
Bobbie Gentry: Bobbie Gentry + Glen Campbell [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Elvis Presley: Elvis Sings for Children and Grownups Too 
[RCA Records - Good Condition]
Dutch Mason: Gimme a Break [Attic Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Sarah and Dizzy: Sarah and Dizzy [Plymouth Record - Fair Condition]
Rush: A Farewell to Kings [Anthem Records - Good Condition]
Rush: Moving Pictures [Anthem Records - Good Condition]
Tower of Power: Tower of Power [Warner Bros Records 1973 - Good Condition]
Yello: One Second [Mercury Records 1987 - Good Condition]
Bob Dylan: John Wesley Harding [Columbia Records 1968 - Good Condition]
Rough Trade: Shaking the Foundations 
[Columbia Records 1982 - Great Condition] X2
Rough Trade: Otemporal Omores! [Columbia Records 1984 - Good Condition]
Rough Trade: Weapons [High Romance CBS Records 1983 - Good Condition] X3
Rough Trade: For those who Think Young [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Bee Gees: To Whom It May Concern [Polydor Records 1972 - Good Condition]
The Bells: Love, Luck and Lollipops [Polydor Records - Good Condition]
Johnny Rivers: Greatest Hits [MCA Records - Great Condition]
Renaissance: Carnegie Hall 2 Disc [BTM Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Alabama: Mountain Music [RCA Records 1982 - Good Condition]
America: Holiday [WEA Warner Bros Records 1974 - Good Condition]
The Amazing Rhythm Aces: The Amazing Rhithm Aces 
[WEA Warner Bros Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Michael W Smith: I 2 (Eye) [Reunion Records - Good Condition]
Linda Ronstadt: Silk Purse [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Halfton: Live at Rockliffe Hotel [Unsigned - Mint Condition] X2
Randy Travis: Old 8 X 10 [Warner Bros Records 1988 - Good Condition]
Smiley Bates: 5 String Banjo Bluegrass [Allied Records - Good Condition]
Nashville Cats: Smash Hits Country Style [Windmill Records - Good Condition]
Sam: A Folk Musical [Lexicon Music 1973 - Good Condition]
The Hillside Singers: I'd like to teach the World to Sing 
[Metromedia Records - Good Condition]
Michael Holliday: The Story of My Life [EMI Records - Great Condition]
Ian and Sylvia: Four Strong Winds [Vanguard Records - Good Condition]
Ian and Sylvia: Lovin' Sound [MGM Records - Good Condition]
Southside Johnny: Hearts of Stone [CBS Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Various Artists: Do They Know its Christmas [CBS Records 1984 - Good Condition]
The Highwaymen: Standing Room Only! [United Artists - Good Condition]
Hermans Hermits: The Best of [Birchmount Quality Records - Good Condition]
Murray Head: Say it Ain't So [AM Records - Good Condition]
The Guess Who: Canned Wheat [RCA Victor Records 1966 - Great Condition]
The Guess Who: Flavours [RCA Records - Good Condition]
Gary Puckett + Union Gap: Incredible [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
M.U. : The Best of Jethro Tull [Chrysalis Records - Good Condition]
Chicago: Greatest Hits [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Simon and Garfunkel: Greatest Hits [Columbia Records 1972 - Great Condition]
The Monkees: Greatest Hits [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Village People: Cruisin [Polygram Records - Great Condition]
Village People: Macho Man [Casablanca Records - Great Condition]
Outlaws: Ghost Riders [Arista Records 1980 - Great Condition]
Olivia Newton John: Physical [MCA Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Olivia Newton John: Xanadu [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Olivia Newton John: Come one Over [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Olivia Newton John: Greatest Hits ONJ [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Smith: A Group Called Smith [Dunhill Records - Great Condition]
Mills-Cockell: Gateway [Anubis Records - Good Condition]
Chad Mitchell: Himself [Warner Bros Records - Good Condition]
Age of Chance: One Thousand Years of Trouble 
[Virgin Records 1987 - Mint Condition]
History of Rock N' Roll: The Fifties Vol. I [Pickwick Records - Good Condition]
Electric Light Orchestra: Electric Light Orchestra 
[United Artist Records - Good Condition]
B.T.O: Rock N' Roll Nights [Phonogram Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Peter and Gordon: A World Without Love [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Pearl Harbor: And the Explosions [Warner Bros Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Stonebolt: Keep it Alive [RCA Limited - Good Condition]
Fire Ballet: Two, Too Demo Not For Sale [Passport Records 1976 - Good Condition]
Brand X: Moroccan Roll [London Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Jona Lewie: Heart Skips Beat [Stiff Records 1982 - Good Condition]
Shawn Phillips: Transcendence [RCA Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Fleetwood Mac: Platinum [WEA Records 1980 - Great Condition]
The Osmonds: Homemade [Polydor Records 1971 - Good Condition]
One to One: 121 [WEA Records - Good Condition]
Mike Oldfield: Crises [Virgin Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Symphonion Dream 
[United Artists Records 1975 - Good Condition]
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Uncle Charlie and His Dog Teddy 
[London Records - Good Condition] X2
Night Ranger: Seven Wishes [MCA Records - Good Condition]
Samantha Fox: Touch Me [Zomba Records 1986 - Good Condition]
Gino Vannelli: Brother to Brother [AM Records 1978 - Good Condition]
CKFM: Lookin Back Live [CBS Records - Good Condition]
Elton Motello: Victim of Time [Attic Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Kristofferson: Kristofferson [London Records - Good Condition]
Nicolette Larson: Radioland [Warner Bros Records 1980 - Good Condition]
Christopher Cross: Christopher Cross [Warner Bros Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Murray McLauchlan: Only Silence Remains live 2 Disc [Col Records - Good Condition]
Murray McLauchlan: Murray McLauchlan [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Murray McLauchlan: Day to Day Dust [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Men At Work: Business as Usual [CBS Records 1981 - Good Condition]
Cycles and Lenny: Cycles and Lenny [CBS Records 1974 - Good Condition]
Glen Campbell: Gentle on My Mind [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Glen Campbell: Wichita Lineman [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Chris De Burgh: Best Moves [AM Records - Great Condition]
Focus: Moving Waves [Polydor Records 1972 - Fair Condition]
Asia: Alpha [Geffen Records 1983 - Great Condition]
Asia: Asia [Geffen Records - Great Condition]
Lynx: Sneak Attack [Quality Records 1978 - Good Condition]
Emerson, Lake, Palmer: Emerson, Lake, Palmer 
[Maison Rouge Records - Good Condition]
Emerson, Lake, Palmer: Trilogy [Cotillion Records - Good Condition]
Boy Meets Girl: Reel Life [BMG Music 1988 - Good Condition]
Noiseworks: Noiseworks [CBS Records 1988 - Good Condition]
Sounds Incorporated: Sounds Incorporated [Capitol Records 1965 - Good Condition]
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band: Live Bullet 2 Disc [Cap. Records 1976 - G. Cond]
The Seekers: Georgy Girl [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Sha Na Now: Sha Na Now [Kama Sutra Records 1975 - Good Condition]
John Cameron: Lord of the Dance [CBS Records - Good Condition]
Alphaville: Forever Young [WEA Records 1984 - Great Condition]
Naked Eyes: Naked Eyes [EMI America Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Cats Can Fly: Cats Can Fly [Epic Records 1986 - Great Condition]
Shaun Cassidy: Shaun Cassidy [Warner Bros Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Vikki Carr: The First Time Ever [Columbia Records - Good Condition]
Vikki Carr: Intimate Excitement [Liberty Records - Good Condition]
Burton Cummings: My own Way to Rock [CBS Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Burton Cummings: Sweet Sweet [Epic Records - Good Condition]
Cutting Crew: The Scattering [Siren Records 1989 - Mint Condition]
The Sandpipers: Misty Roses [AM Records - Good Condition]
Ian Sane: 1000 Dollar Faith [Unsigned - Good Condition]
Mason Ruffner: Clay Blood [CBS Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Rubettes: Wear It's At [Polydor Records 1974 - Good Condition]
Linda Ronstadt: Prisoner in Disguise [Elektra Records 1975 - Good Condition]
Linda Ronstadt: What's New [Elektra Records 1983 - Good Condition]
Linda Ronstadt: Living in the USA [Asylum Records - Good Condition]
Linda Ronstadt: Simple Dreams [Elektra Records 1977 - Good Condition]
Warrior: Scandal [CBS Records 1984 - Good Condition]
Helen Redd: Free and Easy [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Elvis Presley: Frankie and Johnny [RCA Victor - Good Condition]
Elvis Presley: Elvis Sings Christmas Songs [Pickwick Records - Good Condition]
Prism: Armageddon [Magnum Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Alan Parsons: The Turn of a Friendly Card 
[Wolfsongs Records 1979 - Good Condition]
Alan Parsons: IRobot [Arista Records - Fair Condition]
Quarter Flash: Quarter Flash [Geffen Records - Great Condition]
Pat Travers Band: Crash and Born [Polygram Records - Good Condition]
The Bells: Stay Awhile [Polydor Records - Good Condition]
Lisa Dal Bello: Pretty Girls [Talisman Records - Good Condition]
Lisa Dal Bello: Lisa Dal Bello [MCA Records - Great Condition]
Pat Benatar: Get Nervous [Chrysalis Records 1982 - Good Condition]
Pat Benatar: In the Heat of the Night [Chrysalis Records 1979 - Good Condition]
The Babys: The Babys [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
The Knack: Get the Knack [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
The Lettermen: I have Dreamed [Capitol Records - Good Condition]
Lou Ann Barton: Old Enough [Asylum Records - Good Condition]

SMALL RECORDS [Longplay]: [5]
Dave Brubeck Quartet: Dave Brubeck Quartet 
[Fantasy Records - Good Condition]
Lawrence Cook: Piano Roll [Quality Records - Good Condition]
Mugsie Spanier: And His Dixieland Band 
[Mercury Records - Good Condition]
Ben Pollack: Pick a Rib Jazz [Brunswick Records - Good Condition]
Blanche Neige: Par La Compaigne Claude Vernick 
[Atlas Records - Good Condition]

!SIGNED!: [13]
Preservation Hall Jazz Band 
Rainbow Gardens Jazz Orchestra 
[SIGNED VARIOUS - Great Condition]
Rob Mullins Band: Red Shoes 
[SIGNED VARIOUS - Good Condition]
Honey West: In the Shadows of the Past 
[Condor Records - Good Condition]
Marg Osburne: Songs of Faith 
[Point Records - Good Condition]
Honeymoon Suite: The Big Prize PROMOTIONAL COPY [FULL SIGNED]
[WEA Music 1985 - Great Condition]
The Arrows: The Lines Are Open 
[SIGNED VARIOUS - Great Condition]
Gowan: Gowan [SIGNED - Great Condition]
Toronto: Girls Night Out 
[SIGNED Solid Gold Records - Good Condition]
Elvez: The Mexican Elvis [SIGNED - Great Condition]
New Regime: New Regime 
[SIGNED VARIOUS - RCA Records 1985 Great Condition]
The Ink Spots: The Ink Spots 
[SIGNED VARIOUS - Design Records - Good Condition]
Best Wishes from Alpine Snowband 
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