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Magura: Front Brake + Caliper Set [Bike Accessory]

Magura: Front Brake + Caliper Set [Bike Accessory]

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Seller's Description: Magura: Front Brake and Caliper Set  Condition: [Sealed in Bag - NEW]
Magura: Front Brake + Caliper Set [Bike Accessory]  Hydraulic Brake Power

What Are Bike Brakes?

Brakes are the part of a bicycle that allow you to regulate the speed you’re travelling at.

Engaging the brakes on a bike will decrease your speed whilst cycling and, if necessary, bring your bike to a complete stop.

Understandably, brakes are an essential safety feature of a bike. They allow cyclists to quickly adjust their speed to suit their surroundings and avoid potential dangers whilst riding. 

Disc Brake Calipers

Disc brake callipers are another essential component of a disc brake.

When the brake lever puts the braking fluid under pressure, this causes the callipers to contract. 

The callipers hold the braking pads, so when they contract, the brake pad is moved towards the braking surface, applying pressure on the rotor to slow the bike’s speed.

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