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Orguss: Super Dimension Century [V3]

Orguss: Super Dimension Century [V3]

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Seller's Description: Orguss: Super Dimension Century [Volume 3 - English Dubbing]
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Orguss: Super Dimension Century[Vol 3-Eng Dub]
Description: Super Dimension Century Orguss (超時空世紀オーガス, Chōjikū Seiki Ōgasu) is an anime science fiction series. It inspired an OVA sequel series called Orguss 02. Orguss was the second part of The Super Dimension trilogy from Big West, preceded by The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and followed by The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross.[1][2][3]

Orguss was the second "Super Dimension" series (after Macross and before Southern Cross), but other than the descriptive name, these three series are not sequels, prequels, or even in the same story universe as one another. Their only connection is the "Super Dimension" moniker in their titles presented by Big West. Despite rumors to the contrary, Orguss was never selected to be part of Robotech.

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Contains two episodes, "Vanishing Point" and "I Love You."
Product Identifiers  UPC   0743254001835   Product ID (ePID)   3196269
Product Key Features  Signal Standard   NTSC   Rating   NR
Movie/TV Title   Orguss, V. 3    Genre  Sci-Fi & Fantasy   Additional Product Features
Format   Vhs     Release Date    19930519    Orguss: Super Dimension Century

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