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OverPower Cards [Batman + Joker - Trading Cards]

OverPower Cards [Batman + Joker - Trading Cards]

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Seller's Description:  Over Power Cards [Batman and Joker]
Loose Cards: Assorted - Great / Perfect Grade - LIKE NEW!
OverPower is an out-of-print collectible card game produced by Fleer Corporation originally featuring characters from Marvel Comics and later from DC Comics and Image Comics.[1] The game was initially launched in August 1995.[2] In the game, two players went head-to-head with teams of four heroes and villains. Unlike most other collectible card games of the mid-1990s, OverPower was very distinct strategically and structurally different from Magic: The Gathering.

Overpower was produced by Fleer from the game's beginnings in the middle of 1995 until October 1997, when Fleer decided to end production in favor of its other products.[4] In early 1998, Marvel Interactive became the sole producer and distributor of Overpower, taking it over from Fleer.[5]

Marvel Interactive only produced two sets, Image and X-Men, both of which were fraught with delays and printing difficulties[citation needed]. After X-Men was released in 1999, Overpower enjoyed no more official support[citation needed]. Eventually, Marvel decided to sell the exclusive rights to produce a collectible card game based on Marvel characters to Wizards of the Coast. Though fans kept playing the game, its popularity started to die off around 2001, when it had become increasingly clear through Marvel Interactive and Wizards of the Coast press releases that Overpower would no longer be supported. Several years later, Wizards of the Coast released the X-Men TCG. The game did not sell well[citation needed], and ultimately the license ended up in the hands of Upperdeck. On January 27, 2009 Upper Deck Entertainment officially announced that they would no longer support VS System in Organized Play or additional product.[6] VS 2PCG was launched in 2015 starting with The Marvel Battles.

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