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Sensor 2.0: Cycling Computer TREK Accessory

Sensor 2.0: Cycling Computer TREK Accessory

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Product Description: Sensor 2.0: Cycling Computer 
Condition: NEW IN BOX [SEALED]
About: Sensor 2.0: Cycling Computer TREK Accessory

Trek Sensor 2.0: Cycling Computer Owners Manual Congratulations and thank you for purchasing your Trek Cycling Computer. Before operation please read this instruction manual carefully and retain it for future reference. We recommend setting the speed scale and wheel circumference before installing the computer. 

Precautions Remember to watch the road or trail while riding. Watching your bicycle computer makes it difficult to see upcoming obstacles. Awareness of potential road, trail or traffic problems should be your main concern. Main Unit/Accessories Contents: 1. Main Unit 2. Bracket 3. Wire 4. Wheel Sensor 5. Magnet 6. Wire Securing Tape 7. Zip Tie 8. Bracket Rubber Pad 9. Mounting Clamp 10.Rubber Pad for Clamp

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Sensor 2.0: Cycling Computer TREK Accessory

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