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Shimano Dura-Ace: SL/BS 77 Double/Triple Bar-Ends

Shimano Dura-Ace: SL/BS 77 Double/Triple Bar-Ends

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SELLERS DESCRIPTION: Shimano Dura-Ace SL/BS 77 Double/Triple Bar-End
Shifters 9 Speed Levers New In Box. 2 Copies [PER 1 BOX EACH]
Review: "Shimano 9 speeds Road and MTB groups are all inter-compatible. This translates that you don't have to buy Problem Solvers or new parts to swap your bike build from Road, MTB or Frankenbike/Monstercross.

I am using these shifters with my Shimano XT M770 group that previously had Rapidfire XT Shifters. The box comes with handlebar cable guides, shift cable and housing (Dura Ace grey SP41), Bottom Bracket Cable Guide, and downtube posts.

Please make sure you read the instructions and remove all the parts from all the bags. They put the plastic rings you need to install the shifters in the downtube bag that I didn't plan to use, instead of in the shifter box.

Overall, once adjusted (even routing cables under the bar tape with the guides), the shifts are fast, crisps and sublime. I can use any 9 speed derailleur for Mega 9 Shimano or Road. Friction shifting for the Triple LX M560 Crankset I have is smooth and amazing as well. You can also set the cassette shifter to do indexed SIS or friction as well. Love having the options of both.

Overall, 9 speed is the most compatible groupsets ever made. There's no guesswork on compatibility with shifters, cassettes, chains or derailleurs. They all work with one another. It's fantastic. Wonderful choice for my Monstercross commuter/Touring bike."
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