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Tekkaman: The Space Knight [Volume 2 VHS]

Tekkaman: The Space Knight [Volume 2 VHS]

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Seller's Description:  Tekkaman: The Space Knight [Volume 2 VHS]
Condition: Good Condition - Box Good - Tapes Good [Blockbuster RePrint]

The Earth has entered the 21st century and it is in peril. The “Green Earth” project has been abandoned and scientists look to the stars to find a “Second Earth.” The Space Angel, on its mission to find this “Second Earth,” is attacked by a group of aliens named the “Waldarians.” The Space Angel is destroyed and with it the hope of mankind.

Dr. Amachi manages to create “Pegas” and the “Teksetter” system, designed to combat the aliens by augmenting a human with a certain wavelength into a Tekkaman, giving them enhanced strength abilities. Test pilots George Minami and Hiromi Amachi, along with Andro Umeda and Mutan, two alien beings from the planet Sanno, rid the dying Earth from the threat of the “Waldaster” and continue to research the “Leap Flight Engine” to reach a new home for humanity.

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