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Thomas Comes to Breakfast VHS-TESTED-RARE

Thomas Comes to Breakfast VHS-TESTED-RARE

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Seller's Description: Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends: Thomas Comes to Breakfast VHS-TESTED-RARE  Box In Great Condition - As are the Tapes!
Thomas Comes to Breakfast is the eighteenth episode of the second series. It is based on the story of the same name from the Railway Series book Branch Line Engines.

Thomas has spent many years running his branch line. One day, when his driver jokes that Thomas could manage without him, Thomas takes the joke literally and becomes conceited. He later brags to Percy and Toby that he does not need a driver. They both disagree with this as they would never even consider running without their drivers, but Thomas insists he is not afraid to run by himself and willing to prove it.

The next morning, the firelighter comes and starts up the engines' fires. Thomas wakes up first from the warmth spreading through his boiler. When he sees Percy and Toby are still asleep, he decides to take the opportunity to run by himself and prove them wrong. Thomas slowly starts moving along the track, unaware that he only started due to a careless cleaner accidentally touching his controls. He finds out his mistake as he tries in vain to stop or "whee-sh" as planned.

Sitting at the end of the siding ahead is a nearby stationmaster's house, where he and his family are having breakfast. Unable to stop, Thomas runs right through the fence and hedges and crashes into the front of the house, creating disarray in the dining room with plaster covering everything. The stationmaster glares at a stunned Thomas, whom his wife scolds for ruining their breakfast. She then storms out of the dining room, slamming the door, causing more plaster to fall and cover Thomas.

After workmen prop up the house with poles, Donald and Douglas arrive, and together, they pull Thomas clear of the house and back onto the rails, revealing his front to be battered and bent from the impact with a bush and pieces of broken wood stuck to it.

Back at the sheds, the Fat Controller chastises the battered tank engine for his recklessness and informs him that he is sending him to the Works to be mended; which will take a long time and in his absence a diesel railcar will be brought in to run his branch line. Thomas is shocked at hearing this, and the Fat Controller then concludes to him that "diesels always stay in their sheds until they are wanted and never gallivant off to breakfast in stationmasters' houses."

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