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Wheelsmith Tensiometer [Vintage Accessory]

Wheelsmith Tensiometer [Vintage Accessory]

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Seller's Description:  Wheelsmith Tensiometer [Vintage]
NEW IN BOX - The Box is old and is greasy. Not the Tensiometer Though.
Hasn't Been Used - Just been put away in a dirty store.

About Tensiometer:

tensiometer as it applies to physics is a measuring instrument used to measure the surface tension ({\displaystyle \scriptstyle \gamma }) of liquids or surfaces. Tensiometers are used in research and development laboratories to determine the surface tension of liquids like coatings, lacquers or adhesives. A further application field of tensiometers is the monitoring of industrial production processes like parts cleaning or electroplating.
Surface scientists commonly use an optical goniometer/tensiometer to measure the surface tension and interfacial tension of a liquid using the pendant or sessile drop methods. A drop is produced and captured using a CCD camera. The drop profile is subsequently extracted, and sophisticated software routines then fit the theoretical Young-Laplace equation to the experimental drop profile.
The surface tension can then be calculated from the fitted parameters. Unlike other methods, this technique requires only a small amount of liquid making it suitable for measuring interfacial tensions of expensive liquids. 
***In this case is somehow measuring tension between spokes on a wheel. And No - Liquids are not being used. Suspected Play on Words to Test Spoke Weakness...***
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